February 14, 2010

Song from Carousel : If I Love You

 What song would I sing when I think of Valentine's day? Nope it won't be "Rose Rose I love you"...but it would be "If I love you..." from Carousel.

 This is a song that can be played and replayed in your mind. As a young girl like any one else I was in love with love....and this song went with me wherever I went. Our Methodist school staged this musical  under the able conductor Mr David Watts and it was a fantastic success. It is a pity that not many schools in Sarawak can beat that ...even today.

"We may not be able to change the world. But the world changes us." (from "Iron Road". Canadian-Chinese Movie)

Hope you enjoy this song from Sibu's past for your Valentine Day's listening.


Ann said...

Hi CY,

Your brought me back to when I was in form one. Yes, as a teen ager, I used to sing If I love you, even though I had no target for my love song.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Hi Ann
Does your Water Engineer like the song?

Yeah...Carousel was really good for us.

Ann said...

Hi CY,

I never sang it to him. LOL'

If I remember correctly, the principal announced the class that sold the most tickets got to buy their tickets at half price.

Guess which class won? Form 1B.

Just a few houses from us at the Government quarters off Race Course road were some American Peace Corps. They knew my Father, so i was braved enough to sell tickets to them. They were very happy to buy tickets to watch a Musical. Then at the class 1 quarter, was this Ang Mo family. I too went and knocked on the door, and they too bought.

I think i single handedly sold the most first class tickets. LOL

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Dear Ann

You must have been the most enterprising Form l kid at that time! It is sad that right up till now it has always been the ang mos who help promote musicals and musical evenings. Last Christmas our audience was also mainly Ang Mos who sat at the VIPs seats...and at half time more than half of those sitting at the back left...it was very obvious.

One Chamber Music Evening was held here some time ago to a very small audience. They never came back again. Sigh.

With Astro and the DVDs public performances generally have become less popular. What do you think?

Ann said...

Dear CY,

Singapore schools are in a big way in drama. My older daughter Deborah even went to South Africa to perform. The Young Singapore Director even told me that she had potential to make it a full time actor.

But no, this mum doesn't like that, she wants her daughter to have a sound and proper education. LOL

The number two daughter was also in drama. Both back stage and on stage.

My sis Eliza joked Like Mother, like daughters.

Despite this, I am a very uncultured person. There is dirt under my nails. Yes, I dug the garden yesterday.

Besides, concerts, plays are so expensive. I am a scrooge, and go only
1: when my children are performing,
2: when my students are performing.
for the above two, my eyes are glued only on them. LOL I tell this to my students, especially when they are reluctant to perform. I say, I will be watching and clapping for you. They LOL
3: when I get complimentary tickets, and I watched Fiddler on the roof, My fair lady and so on.

I proudly say, my little primary school of 660 had a whole school production last year. They devoted so much time, but the parents are happy. I asked the parents, and they say good, Some thing the kids have learned which they could not get any where.

I think different places and people have different thinking, and priorities, and ideas. My uncultured husband, he would fall asleep in a cultured show, but he would jump up and down in Mama Mia. LOL

So turn the clock back 40 years, if a 12 year old kid came to my door to sell her school's production tickets. I am ashamed to say I would say NO and I don't even have Astro or sky Tv here. Besides, I spend too much time on the computer. more LOL

Sarawakiana@2 said...

In Miri we hardly went to concerts - usually due to lack of information and partly due to the fact that I did not often get to see or read flyers when I was working in the Maktab...It was just home - place of work - market when the children were younger.

then the TV helped a bit to allow me to teach my kids music appreciation..We watched good videos obtained from Singapore and KL. So the kids saw Fiddler on the Roof and Phantom of the Opera. And of course all the Disney Cartoons. Little House on the Prairie helped.

Being in the backwaters...we are really quite "uncultured..."

School concerts were minimal in Miri.

My eldest daughter had a chance to do a Christmas play in Sibu. If only all of them had opportunities to perform!! But then again when only the best are chosen out of 2000 students shy girls would have no chance or girls who join the wrong clubs would have no chance ...

I was told one mother sent her daughter to special dance teacher and later demanded that her daughter must perform...and she also volunteered to sell concert tickets. Very hardworking mum.

But luckily all my kids are very musical and are fairly good singers. But they are not performers. Dad is a performer.

Teachers' College had "English Night" as part of the training for the trainees to learn how to organise concerts every year. Small but meaningful. Some items require some polishing though. Some were superb. But later because Muslims are not allowed to "perform" in plays and dances the English Nights were not organised in the last few years.

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