April 26, 2010

Mr. Bao's Gallery

It was an interesting day starting with a visit to a huge cultural heritage gallery belonging to the Bao family. Mr. Bao has been collecting artifacts and antiques for a long time. His love for history and culture can be seen in this gallery.

Mr. Bao relating an important point.

An old "ching" or daching which was a common Chinese weighing scale.

A long lacquered bamboo pillow. Lacquer ware is one of the three important industries of Fuzhou .

Mr. Bao points out that this costume has huge sleeves to help nursing mothers to discreetly feed their babies "inside the sleeve".

A small hall is dedicated to photographs of famous actors and actresses of the past. Steve Ling is impressed.

A piece of Sarawak woven scarf for Mr. Bao from the Foochow Cultural Gallery Director Mr. Tiong.

Mr. Huong and others enjoy a light moment over good Fuzhou tea served by Mr. Bao's daughter.


Ann said...

Tell Mr. Deng, almost 40 years, and he is as handsome as ever.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Hi Ann

I still call him Mr. Deng....an old habit...others call him Principal. But he was never my principal .
His Chinese poetry is at his finger tips and he can sing all those literary /operatic songs!!

Will tell him that...

Daniel Yiek said...

The big sleeve for feeding babies discreetly - I learn something new everyday!

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Hi Daniel

I should have known better and made blouses with big sleeves like these for discreet breast feeding!!

Will pass this on to my future in laws or new mothers!! hahahaha...

How wise our ancestors were!

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