June 7, 2010

Hakka-Foochow Monday Tea Gathering in Sibu

Having Monday Tea with Rajang Basin Blog owner Meng Lei is always a rewarding thing to do.

A few Mondays ago just before the by-election which saw DAP making a narrow but suprising win we were at Meng Lei's office having an interesting dialogue about Hakka culture.

Visiting Meng Lei were two Hakka academics from Taiwan.

Professor and Dean of Institute of Sociology (College of Humanities and Social Sciences) of National Tsing Hua University  - Professor Wei-An Chang.

Dr. Hsu-Chih Hsiao (Post Doctoral Fellow) Dept of Sociology of Tunghai University (Taiwan)

We examined books written on Hakka Culture and by Hakka scholars many of which can be found in Meng Lei's personal collection.

Two new friends enjoying "tie pian" - cultural snack of the Foochows.

Having tea with Meng Lei and friends one often get a treat in baos.

Meng Lei - and his signature dish - bao....

This Monday Tea Gathering is an open gathering for academics and non-academics. Topics can be anything under the sun in any language one can understand. The one hour or so gathering is usually thought provoking. One can bring back a great smile at least.

So if you happen to be in Sibu and Meng Lei is in his office - you are welcome to have tea with him. You can always bring a dish (of baos) or just an opinion to start the discussion! You can only feel very much at home.


Ann said...

Do I know this Meng Lai? Nice office like a libary.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

You might remember his older brother Meng Chuo who was a prefect from Senior Middle Three during my time. Meng Chuo is a scholar and a pastor. Meng Lei is manager of the Methodist Message in Sibu.

When you visit Sibu you must visit him ...check his blog : Rajang Basin...He speaks English but does not write in the language. He has strong journalistic background.

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