June 6, 2010

A Magnificient Banquet

We arrived in Pingnan on a rainy and wet morning. Saw a few bare trees outside the government offices which were built in the 1920's. The had stout steel doors and looked like those colonial buildings of South East Asia. Built in a traditional rectangle (three blocks of buildings facing a quadriangle and with many concrete steps down the hill to the main road the area looks very much like a traditional school except that the buildings have very good paint work.

We were shown into a huge office headed by a woman officer who later brought in several other officers all looking very young to meet us.

A specialty and signature beef dish

Duck Feet

Jelly Fish

Braised and tasty lily suckers.

Pingnan filled biscuits with sesame coating

Steve Ling photographing the dishes

Succulent duck

Bamboo clams

Smelly root soup

Explaining the different dishes and how they are prepared.

Exquisit fish and mushroom dish


Sweet glutinous dessert

Exchange of gifts.


Ann said...

you didn't label the two dishes after Steve Ling was taking the photo. The second one with the chopsticks looks like what do you think I think? Gou!

All the yummy food, were you scared to weigh yourself when you came back?

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Deliberately left out because I cannot remember the meat!
I put on some weight....now cannot shed off...but the walking around did help a bit...and I really love the fruits !!

Free Bird said...

I like the presentation of the food. Especially the green and creamy colored dish. It's poured out into a Ying Yang symbol, looks like a dessert. The seventh picture looks like a vinegar pork trotter's dish. And the glutinous rice cake must be delicious. These dishes have appeared in most Chinese folklore books that I've read since I was a kid(that's according to my imagination from the description in the story). Was the dinner arranged specially just to explain the different types of food?

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Yes Freebird the dinner was arranged for the Sarawak team to savour the tastes and flavours of our ancestors....but of course many of the dishes have evolved over time. But the traditional elements were very strong ...hence "traditional recipes".

Great food in this part of the world but not every tourist could have our special opportunities.

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