June 26, 2010


 Brunei has a NAAFI store in Seria(Brunei) and is now opened to the public. turn in at Tucker Lines.

On a recent visit I was intrigued and bought a box of NAAFI Break a special tea for
for the armed forces . It has been made available to the public for the first time in its 90 year history.
The not-for profit-organisation, which serves the armed forces by providing home comforts to the Services and their families, and has tasked Ptarmigan Bell Pottinger to manage its consumer and trade campaign to commemorate the public launch of brand NAAFI Break Tea.

Fifty pence from the sale of every box goes to the Help for Heroes charity, which assists wounded service staff returning from wars overseas.

A very interesting product indeed in this part of the world. The tea is pretty good but is not for those who like their tea strong or kow kow......


Ah Ngao said...

eeh? first time i heard of this.why after 90 years,they break the ice...hehe.you mean the tea is mild? i like Darjeeling tea,they have a very unique scent or aroma(if you got a sharp nose for it)

Ann said...

is it for the British Army and their families?

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Hi Ah Ngao...I like my tea strong. And somehow I like the 888 a pure Ceylon Tea....next better one is Boh Tea. And if I can get it Earl Grey would be a good choice ...not easily available in Miri.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Dear Ann
In Brunei any one can now by Naafi Break from the Naafi Store in Seria....No need to be in the British Army etc.

Anonymous said...

i think the naafi should only be for the forces and not open to the public im serving in brunei and discusted that there is never anything in the naafi as all the locals buy it up before we even get a chance too what is the point of having it out there if the soilders dont get to buy anything????/

zulhilmi zulfadli said...

Funny...ur right...but when u know things are not available due to outsider...than stock them like other store does...but look into supply n demand before making the deal

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