June 12, 2010

The Satay Man of Limbang

Sometimes you cannot forget a face when visiting a certain place. The kindness of a hawker for example cannot be erased from your mind.

And then you also happen to meet up with friends who tell you that "oh that guy over has been making satay for over 40 years!!" and you begin to wonder how interesting it is for this Satay Man to have become some kind of an institution or icon for the town.

In my life I have special memories of a betcha driver Kassim in Sibu and a washer lady "kak" who helped enrich my childhood. The two brothers who sold fish in such an honest manner also moulded my concepts of good business practice.And a gold smith cousin taught me what humility in life is all about.

This Limbang Satay Man must have impacted many of his customers in different ways....

His mannerisms indicate his good cultural upbringing. And each Satay stick would speak for itself...succulent and tasty. You don't feel short changed at all.


Ah Ngao said...

i like to share with you a true story.when i was still very young...in 70's,there was this Indian man(probably a mamak) selling satay on a bicycle.usually around 4 in the afternoon,he'd cycle to this KMC(Kuching municipal council) flats(i stayed there for many years) and yell .."Satay...Satay.!" behind his "5 ton bicycle"(ah pek type) is specially made wooden box,a small wire mess just snugly fits and some little bit of charcoal.

Ann said...

I made enough satays to last 3 life times. It was in canada when the malaysian Indo Singaporean students often agree to sell astays on International nighs. I thought it was so student to make 1000s and 1000s with just a handsome workers. I never want to make another satay again.

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