June 13, 2010

Wheel Chair from the Heart

Sometime ago a very kind hearted lady donated five wheel chairs to Grace Methodist Church for its many ministries. One has been approved to be given to Rh Aling where there are several invalid great grand fathers and mothers. Thus I delivered personally one wheel chair to the longhouse on lst June. Another wheel chair would go to Selangau at the request of Rev Johnathan Nora on 12th June.

Three others would be given away whenever a request is entertained by Grace Methodist Church.

I was able to bring the wheel chair to the longhouse . The Headman TR Aling and the Penghulu Robert Kunyut expressed their gratitude. Usually a donated wheelchair would go to one patient. But for Rh Aling the wheel chair will be taken care of by the JKK (the men in blue) and whoever needs to use the wheel chair they can ask the Tuai Rumah. After much discussion this was the decision made. Whenever Grandfather Biden needs to go to the hospital in Limbang he can use the wheelchair. Thus his daughter in law and his grandson need not carry him on the back. Indai Tajak (Or Enek Leedon) would also need the usage of the wheel chair each time she goes to the Limbang Hospital. These are two of the less able bodied longhouse residents.

The T-shirt these guys are wearing are JKK uniform of the longhouse. Whenever VIPS visit they wear the uniform. This is the first time the long house has a wheel chair.

The happy JKK. Tuai Rumah Aling is the second man from the left. Man in the middle is the Penghulu.

Great Grandfather Biden. (He happens to have the same name as the Vice President of the USA) He has very very swollen legs now. But he still has a very good memory. He says that the weather is always too hot for him to wear any shirt. He remembers the days when it was cold at night he had to wear a soldier's jacket. He is referring to global warming.

Grandmother of Leedon here cannot walk very well. She is extremely light weight. She sits by the door every day and watch life going on. A wheel chair can help her go to the hospital more easily and she does not need any one to piggy back her any more. Her dignity will be intact according to her daughter who is a padi farmer.

The kindness of this lady who wishes to remain anonymous will be remembered by many people throughout Sarawak. Bless her heart. And I am sure she and her family would reap great blessings. And May God bless her always.


Yan said...


Ann said...


You should bring a doctor to heal their legs. Then they don't need the wheel chairs.

Seriously, the woman has a kind heart and I like it when she remains anonymous. God knows her.

Do you remember when we were in pri school, she may be too young for you to remember, there was a girl in the children's home who had polio? They say eventually she went to USA.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Hi Yan
How are you?
Thank you....

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Dear Ann
These are old people. At the time of writing Mr. Biden has just died and funeral is tomorrow. He was suffering from old age - may be some kind of gout which led to swelling of legs in the last year or so.

Enek Leedon - is just feeble...the kind of aging feebleness. May be when younger she should have taken more calcium but one never knows. She was very strong before.

Yes I remember the girl with polio. I do not know if she has come back for the 60th Anniversary of Children's Home. I will ask Judy Wong about her. Judy is now the Vice Chairperson of the Board of Directors of Children's Home. A great lady.


Ah Ngao said...

dear Sarawakiana,
...first i like say,you got a nice lay out - suits your writings(in some ways).i thought of changing mine but i stick with it becoz i still prefer the dark backdrop.
you did great..!

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Oh Ah Ngao...thanks for the compliments. I like the blue skies and the nice soft tones...pink is a bit too young for me...though I still think of having some Nonya style mosaic etc...

dark backdrop a little hard to read I must say...you must write more.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Sarawakiana, it is always good to know there are still good hearted people around.
And hands that help are Holier than lips that pray I believe.
Love the pics here......
But it makes me wonder why the local government does not donate wheelchairs to these people?
You keep well and have a great week, Lee.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Dear Uncle
Mondays I am working on line...so it is nice to read your message...warm feelings all over whenever I read your lovely message.
Government or BN will do deeds that have more publicity...like piped water or electricity and usually the YBs will go around giving out these goodies. For Red Crescent day for example some YB's wives will go around giving hampers.
The Modus Operandi is different here.
I do thank the anonymous lady for her kind heartedness....we do need lots of them around too.
Also perhaps many local people do not know how to get donations too.

The Observer said...

Good one, it's like Christmas in June. These folks will most likely shy away from doctors and treatments. They've probably gotten used to any pain and disability.

The wheelchairs will surely help the elderly a lot. I'm sure the folks at the longhouse rarely experience this kind of charity.

I probably have a similar experience. I was at Carrefour the other day and I saw an elderly woman (about 60 plus) at the shoe section asking for help. She spoke mandarin but at that point no one there wanted to entertain and I figured that they must have thought she was a beggar. I went over to help and I found out that she wanted someone to help her find a pair of shoes ("crocs"-like shoes) that she could wear. She asked me to help find a pair, similar to the size and type she wore.

I noticed that hers were rather worn out and loose, so I helped remove her shoes for fitting. Taking off her shoes, I found out she had severe arthritis. Both sides were badly deformed and I understood why she chose the croc-like shoes for a little comfort. I found a pair in the pile of shoes just right for her. It was a size 37 and she was happy with the fit. She thanked me and asked if I wanted a pair. She said she's buying it for work annd it's very comfortable. At that point I got so teary i could only nod with agreement. It made me think of my mother and father.

I guess Inek Leedon and the late Aki Biden were also living and surviving their physical condition just like the elderly woman I met. They're too old to want any correction made and a single wheelchair and a soft padded pair of shoes helps a lot.

both you and the person who donated the wheelchair have contributed a lot to the elderly at the longhouse (so have I for the little old lady). If there was a miracle healer who could help people like these, I am sure you and the woman who donated the wheelchairs would bring him right to Inek Leedon's door instead of wheelchairs.

Sorry if this story's overlapping your blog, after all, this is your blog. I learn a lot from reading your entries. Reminds me so much of my mother as she is also as compassionate as you.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Dear Observer

That's a fine thing you have done...If this story can be extended it can be as fine as Nicholas Spark's stories....

Work on it...you can write!!

Plastic Labware said...

You should bring a doctor to heal their legs. Then they don't need the wheel chairs.
That's a fine thing you have done...Thanks for post....

Plastic Labware said...

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