August 7, 2010

Nancy Beef Noodles Has Moved!!

In case you have just come back from overseas and have a heart attack because you cannot find Nancy and her beef noodles!! Have no worries. She has just moved a block away - nearer to Aishah Clinic.

Nancy Stall (now called Nancy Beef Noodle) is famous for beef noodles and beef Tendon Noodle Soup. Nancy is originally from Kuching and all the items in her stall taste great. Perhaps some of the beef noodles shops in Kuching cannot even match her products!!

This stall has been around for more than 20 years. When she started her children were still very young and her husband was still working for the government. But she worked hard and today I really think she is No.1 for beef noodles. People come back from overseas and  make a bee line for her stall. Many will even tah pow and take home to KK or KL. Such is her reputation.

One of her best is her beef tendon soup special. This is what it looks like and you pay more than RM8.00. It is enough for two.

Another look at the delicious soup.

If you are allergic to wheat you can always order kueh tiaw beef tendon special. I really love her belacan filled hot hot chili sauce. If your ears don't feel hot enough you can ask for some more of her lovely home made chilli sauce.

This is the special heater.

One last look.....

 There is usually a long queue during the weekends. On other days you must be early too to avoid disappointment.


Ann said...

Next time, they can employ me to cook my beef tendon. LOL

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Sure!! I know you beef tendon must be out of this world. I am coming soon to Auckland....!! Can't wait to eat all those nice food.

Anonymous said...

Just has nancy beef noodle 12 oct 2014. Quantity drop. Expensive. Just shocking. So not fulfuilling! First and last time.

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