July 16, 2010

Timothy Lau Kiing Ong J.P.

The late Lau Tze Cheng (Lau Kiing Huong) has been well known in South East Asia if not Asia as a scholar and historian - a proud son of Sibu.

Little however is known about the other members of his family.One of his brothers is Timothy Lau Kiing Ong.

Timothy Lau King Ong (JP) was educated in Chung Cheng School and then later Sacred Heart School. He furthered his education in New Zealand after gaining a Colombo Plan scholarship. Upon returning to Sarawak he was a lecturer in a Kuching school.

My cousin Timothy is a very shy gentleman. Very unassuming like his father (Lau Sing Chiong - the manager of Hock Chiong Store in Ensurai) and extremely polite Timothy has been residing in Dunedin of New Zealand for many years. He has two sons who are reknown medical practitioners.

Timothy's colleagues and students would see that he has not changed much since his younger days. You can see that our Lau genes are very good in terms of youthfulness and skin texture!

Timothy and his wife (Yong Yong) come back every year to Kuching and Sibu and they never fail to visit my mother or some of our relatives. It is wonderful to meet and share /swap stories of the past...Here in this picture Mrs. Lau is in the middle. Kueh Ai Hua is in my sister's class in Methodist School. Ai Hua and Yong are like sisters.

I have not met them for over forty years because I moved away to Miri. And the long years of separation seemed to collapse into just a few days....now we are at age when we talk about grey hair and grandkids!! We were just strappling youngsters trying to see as many movies as possible just a few years ago!!

But there is great joy in reunions.

More third and fourth  generations and now fifth generation of the Sibu pioneers...(specifically Lau Kah Tii and Lau Kah Chui families...)are moving out of Sibu. The Foochow diaspora is spreading.

The photos in this post show the Lau family's young grandchildren from several of Uncle Sing Chiong's children meeting up with their relatives from New Zealand and other relatives from Sibu. They are lovely indeed and  will continue to carry the torch of academic brilliance and good ethics into the future.

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