August 22, 2010

A cup of RM 1 Kopi -0 with Reflections

After Three Kopitiam is the new kid on the block where kopitiams are concerned in Miri.

As Ghosty Nana has mentioned in her blog this new place replaces the old hawkers' stalls which replaced a car park in the space between the Chinese Chamber of Commerce and the Old Standard Chartered Bank. These transformations have been taking place for about 20 years.

However one of the most unpleasant transformation was the siting of a public toilet right at the end of this "businesses in the middle". This leads to the question - where are the best places to locate 5 star public toilets in Miri? And how far apart should public toilets be from each other? World Toilets Council should give out a handbook on their guidelines.

This is the attraction of the moment given by After Three : Kopi O is only  RM  1 (Make sure you order CUP with saucer and say SMALL or RM l.00. Or point to the menu. I was given the bigger and costlier cup the second time I went there. Sometimes sign language is useful too.)

I managed to capture the reflections in my cup. Waiting for my kopi 0 to cool a little and looking at the reflections I was inundated by happy memories. This is triple vision. Seeing visions through the reflections in a cup of coffee.

This is a pleasant shot of employees having a rest. The orange brand colour looks nice framing the dark colours in side. White comes out beautifully too. However it was difficult to align the bamboo and the steel rods inside. Lots of contrasts.

I ordered my Sichuan Smoked Duck and noodles. The fruit is free. Fork and spoon come with the large plate in this way.

After Three...but the outlet is opened before Three ...

View from inside.

Shooting at each other : William Ting and Ghosty Nana.

Upper Window...outside is the 5.30 sunlight in Miri.
A couple on motorbike viewed through the string curtains . This is another benefit you get - when you sit inside you can watch all vehicles passing by - from the market to either another part of Miri by going  left or to Canada Hill and beyond by going  right.

But the crowd and the serving staff are too noisy - I suppose as kopitiam should be - every one talks very loudly and the noise is not absorbed by the glass windows. So it is not a place for you to have a quiet time.

Any way it was a fun evening with  good friends . A place at the moment to be seen in and be happy at......No harm giving it a try if you can find a parking place. BE warned that you may take more than half an hour. Come AFTER FIVE and park near the Catholic Church.


Bengbeng said...

looks like a nice place to watch the world go by. so u know ghosty nana.. she looks so cute

Sarawakiana@2 said...

We hang out together.....yeah...Bengbeng you have a good eye...*wink* kekekeke

Sure next time you guys come over we can go for the RM1 kopi 0. Pensioners can afford that.

Jay said...

I just noticed this kopitiam last night. I plan to take a cup of cofee there after this.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Hi where are you working now? Or are you just having holidays?

I can arrange to meet up with Ghosty Nana William Ting on Tuesday?

Daniel Yiek said...

Bring me there when I make my 1st visit to Miri ..but don't know when lah!

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Sure Daniel!! There will be the Lam Sisters too in the party!! Make it soon too.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Sarawakiana, love your pics here.
We here have a coffee shop named, Second cup'. But you can bet there'll be no public washrooms anywhere, except inside the shops.

Always happy see your pics as it brings back memories of Malaysia and its lifestyles to me.

Oh ya, here when ordering coffee, have to mention 'regular'....means with fresh milk and a spoon of sugar.

Or "double double"....means double of everything, as well there's the 'small, regular, and large cups. Mine? Always iced coffee, ha ha.

I must say you are not only observant but creative too in your photography. Wayyyy to go!
Thanks for the memories, have a great week, Lee.

Ghosty Nana said...

wah, Bengbeng said I am cute, Are you the father or the son?
Sarawakiana@2, I think you forgot the 5% tax.
Uncle, she is very observant, and she is the one who always noticed everything.

Hard to find parking there. I still think it should have always be a parking space. Anyway it can encourage car pooling.

Puan Isah said...

I often passed this area and noticed this after 3 kopitiam and can't help wondering how it will look if I am sitting inside. I really don't mind having a cup of coffee there one of these days ( sayang I will be the only Muslim sitting there he he... Thanks so much for sharing, love your pics!

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Hi Uncle Lee
Thanks for dropping every country has a different way of ordering coffee. It is quite an educatiohn!! I must study the order list for coffee of Canada again and again. The Australian way is also very interesting. I wonder what it is like in New Zealand. Haven't gone about asking about it.
Thanks for\ your compliments too.

I usually write what I see and photograph images I like. Rahter impulsive at times too. Sometimes one shot is all it takes.

There's only one coffee shop that I order iced coffee from and that is Ban Chuan in Sibu. I cannot describe how good it is. You drink one glass and stay for the jelly pisang and watch the world go by...and life is good.

Have a beutiful week. The moon is just getting bigger.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Hi Ghosty Nana....Tuesday ok? We can go shooting images again....

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Puan Isa....never mind about being the only Muslim there...I think the more the merrier...and who knows one day we have a chance to meet. Do email me....
Would be lovely to meet up with you.

Ann said...

This is a big serving of duck and noodles, Why it the duck so red?

Sarawakiana@2 said...

This cost me RM12.00 but it is still cheaper than Aus $9.90 char siew rice in duck I suppose. The free fruit is a bit small for me...should be bigger..and less noodles.

Ann said...

heheheh, was watching Australia masterchef.

They were challenged to cook classic French, the losing team cooked smoked duck with stir fried veg. It was nice but not french. More like Asian. That's why they lost, I told my son, answer out of point.

The smoked duck was red too.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Thanks Ann
Smoked duck and ham...they get to have the same colour of pink and related pink colours...I notice that the Iban Salted Wild Boar also become very pink...Will do more research on this and find out why....

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