August 30, 2010

Kampong Wireless - Embun Citra Cake House

At the end of the Kampong Wireless (another story coming up) is a delightful old time kampong like home store which sells delicious Sarawak Kuih Lapis (famous until KL bah).

This Embun Citra Cake House is owned by Ibu Siti and her young sons. It is definitely business by the river side or "tepian sungai"

Mother and Son....They have a good system of doing business . Normal days they operate a decent kedai makan (eating place) and during fasting month they close shop and make thousands of cakes and cookies for the Raya. They even have a few days of promotion in KL!!

Siti is sister to my university mate - Zainal Matassan Abidin. And the family was originally from Lawas. ZAM and his siblings grew up in Kampong Wireless when their father was transferred to Miri. And soon after Ibu Siti opened her shop many friends and relatives started to bring their guests to enjoy her food. As her children began to help her in her business their business started to expand and flourish!!

 Ibu Siti is generous and warm hearted! She is very helpful and above all very kind and understanding.

This is their signboard at the end of Kampong Wireless in Miri.

Their excellent promotion for their cakes.

These are their signature cookies.

One of my all time favourite - dodol

All cakes are placed in their several freezers.

Samples of their kek lapis Sarawak....They have pretty names. So check it out for yourself by going their. Their doors are always open like all olden day kampong houses....

Pretty and friendly Ibu Siti. And what I really liked when Naomi and I visited her place was her openness in allowing us to photograph anything we liked or ask any questions we wanted!! Her sons were very hospitable too. When we were there she had so many customers and yet she never lost her wide smile.

You get more than your money's worth. You get to see a river view. You can even sit there and enjoy the scenery or the boats which pass by. When it is not the fasting month you can order your coffee and drink in the beauty as well as your fix!! A few months back when I was there in the evening I told my friends that life would be just so good if I have a place like this too...just a small hut will do by the river side....By the way....there is broadband here.

Some reflections too....

And she is landscaping the place to ensure that you get a good equatorial rainforest feel. The sons use nibong stumps for their decorations too. I think one day her children might even have a great dining place within an art gallery.

So do give her and her sons your support this coming Hari Raya.....or any other day throughout the year!


William said...

Very interesting! This place is actually at the waterfront opposite the Foochow Association building?

Ann said...

Do you have to walk on the plank to her shop?

What kind of colours does she use. I am quite weary about artificial colors.

As for the cake lapis, after seeing how it is made, I tell people that it is a sin to eat some one's hard work. But the Indos sell them quite cheaply.

Ann said...

Have you seen Cake lapis being made?

I saw a master cake maker make it. She says she makes it only for special people.

You need an oven preferably with a grill compartment without a door.(otherwise it is even harder to make as you have to open and shut the oven door.)
a cake tin with a handle, like a rubbish scoop but a rectangle container like the old biscuit tins.

Make you usual batter.
butter your container,

spoon one spoon of batter,
put inside the grill,
jaga carefully, when done, take out, another spoon.

So if you want 20 layers which makes about 1 and half inch, you repeat the steps 20 times.

The layers are paper thin.

After seeing her make, I say, I just want to hold my precious little slice of cake, and not eat it.

In Singapore, you pay S$90 for it.

Somehow in Indonesia, they make them and sell them relatively cheaply. My Indonesian friend always brings in a few cakes. I tell my friends, they have to nibble it.

My friend Leni gives a small cake to me, I hide it from my family, otherwise, they just gobble them up.

Kelvin said...

Ur posts is very comfortable to read :)

Is the description i used very weird?


Sarawakiana@2 said...

This place is towards the Shell Station and the Cemetery....last house before the road branches towards Pustaka....

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Hahahash Ann
The shop is next to the Jalan Wireless...and the plank walk is for the jetty for boats...I think the plank walk would sink under my weight!! kekekek

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Dear Ann
I agree.....Layer Cakes are works of love...just eat a small slice....and they are so buttery and fluffy...

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Kelvin...thanks for stopping by....

Daniel Yiek said...

Saw the making of kuih lapis of KCH on TV - tough work

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Hi Daniel
Yes the making of this cake takes hours and the best person to do it is a young man like Ibu Siti's son who is very "nimble in the hands" and artistic...can see how the layer is thin enough and straight enough. Patience is a great asset.
I have not seen the Kuching Kek Lapis tv programme yet...thanks.

Nur68 said...

Though a sarawakian, I just don't hv the patience to do the layering what more to say all those designs, I rather steam cakes for 8 hours than layering..hehehe...

landing@stood said...

Can try it now

landing@stood said...

Can try it now

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