September 9, 2010

Close Encounter with Huge Fish Roe/Eggs

Caviar from sturgeons is nice...even if it is black in colour. Fish roe in orange is fine in Sushis....but recently I had a different kind of encounter with eggs from ikan Bayong (local name)....

If it is a delicacy how does one feel eating such eggs as big as pre-laid chicken's( big marble size)?

Each female Bayong has two sacs of eggs...see how big and round they are!! One way of cooking them is poaching them in curry. Another way is to coat them with a good batter and deep fry!! Cholesterol or longevity?

The head of Bayong. The Bayong is not a very expensive fish and is usually cooked in curry. The steaks can also be deep fried and often used as part of the popular food  Lelapan which originated from Indonesia.

Steaks from some Bayong (around 4 kg - 6 kg fish)

A close-up of the fish eggs (each at least 1 inch in diameter).

I thank the lady fishmonger for letting me photograph these for my blog. I'll take pictures of these eggs but I won't eat them. They are too beautiful to be eaten.


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Sarawakania, Holy Smoke! For a moment I thought it was some kind of monster or whatever. I guess I'll take a pass on these. I've tried caviar, yeeeech!
Chicken egss, quail, no problemos, but no ostrich or these ones in your pic.....oh ya, one day was betted $50 to eat a crocodile egg, when in deal, not that starving hungry, ha ha.
Happy holidays, Lee.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Yeah...I just admire the size and freshness so shot some photos...but eating them would not be me...I am chickening out on all kinds of eggs especially turtle eggs...and stick to chicken or two a week please. Thank you!!

I have heard stories of people eating crocodile eggs in Sarawak of course.

Hope you enjoy some Hari Raya photos in cyberspace....Cheers.

Hayden john said...

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