September 5, 2010

mY lITTLE tAIWANESE world in Miri

My Sibu cousin's wife came to stay for a few days  bringing some sunshine and joy from Sibu.

I took her around several of the small but delightful eateries in Miri to savour food and drinks she would not easily get in Sibu.One pleasing breakfast place is not too far from Mei Ang Church of Miri. It is a quite an honour to present her with delectable meals in Miri to a certain extent - so that she has something interesting to remember apart from the new tall buildings and different racial makeup of Miri. I do like to try my Foochow best as usual.

What outlets can beat Hong Kong (she is Hong Kong born) and Sibu ones? I think our Ing Ho Toufoo Drinks shop isn't too bad by comparison. Ing Ho is operated by a Foochow mother and son team .The son went to Taiwan to learn how to make the best and thickest soy bean milk I have ever tasted...really thick and nourishing besides other breakfast specialties.

And best of all he does not add sugar to his soy bean milk.

He also has a special crispy Taiwan Bing or biscuit which can be plain or filled with locally made kaya. His cruellers (yiu tiau) are better than most outlets' and you can even ask for his special mayonnaise and cucumber filling (which is really is like having a crispy burger with a vegetarian filling- Chinese style). I used to buy that for my lunch. I would just add more home made cucumber salad to the meal.

Taiwan Bing - Taiwan biscuit cut into three pieces.

The crunchy and layered look of the Taiwan biscuit...You can ask for Kaya filling and the proprietor will slather kaya onto the dough and bake the biscuit for you in a very short time.

This is the stove used to make the Taiwan biscuit...

Taiwan style yiu tiau...or cruellers. If you cut the yiu tiau in halves you can fiill the space up with lots of nice cucumber salad..or any other fillings...a new dish? I have also tried to stuff the pieces of cut yiu tiau with home made fish paste and have them steamed before adding to soups...delicious.

A wonderful dip .....see how thick the tou foo milk is!! Wonderful breakfast...

So sometimes you can catch me at Ing Ho next to Park try out the various the way Ing Ho also gives you the biggest bowl of kolo mee hoon for RM2.30. Really good can also have a quick "economi rice" here. The food is homecooked by the mother using the small stove they have.

The Hii and Hii Acupressure Centre is behind this coffee shop. Mr.Hii Kah Ang is an old timer and he can fix any twisted back or muscle in no time. Your waiting is made more pleasurable because you can wait in this coffee shop...there you go!!

I had once written about a man who tried to hide from his wife and his creditors....and sitting in this coffee shop always tickles me because there are so many "back doors" one can use. And if you are having a secret meeting here there are three or four back ways you can use to escape if your enemy has been sighted!!LOL!!!!There is actually a maze within this building.

Come and have a wonderful breakfast here. You can even get Foochow porridge with preserved long beans in ang chow if you are lucky.


Anonymous said...

Ing Ho would be my next destination for breakfast. Lovely write too. Am one of your many fans now.

Ann said...

how's your cousin's widow in Christchurch? I hope her house is OK. What a devastating time for her, so soon after her husband's death.

Anonymous said...

The biscuit is called Shaobing. A kind of Chinese pastry.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Dear Anonymous...Thanks for reading my postings!! Do try Ing Ho.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

I saw the TV footages on Christchurch...will find out more from her....Doreen is doing ok at the moment. The funeral service was a great one...a good send off for him actually..he had great friends..Praise God.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Dear Anonymous...thanks for giving me the Chinese name for the Taiwan is really nice and especially with the kaya.

Ann said...

Did you mean Doreen is in Auckland or Christchurch?

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Hi Ann
Doreen is visiting Auckland at the moment. She was in Auckland when the earthquake struck. So far no news yet from her...will let you know. Photos are full of damages to property.

Ann said...

Doreen must feel more anxious not knowing how her house is. Is she with your Sis?

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Hi Ann
She hasn't given me a reply yet...But I will write to my sister...I did ask Doreen if she is back in CC. We are keeping our fingers crossed. She is a devout Catholic.