November 21, 2010

Foochow Celebration in Miri- Friends and Relatives

After six days of hard work...we are packing up to go back to Sibu. In fact this exhibition and book sale has been rather DIY. We were given this space in the lobby of the Mega Hotel to promote Foochow culture and literary works! It is now time for some reflections.....

We actually became "touters" at the Foochow Celebration dinner at Eastwood.  We also managed to "pull" Dato David Teng my senior in Methodist School to buy several copies of the book after the Celebration Eastwood dinner. Our last effort to sell more copies of the book by trying our "touting" skills actually worked quite well!!
Ah Lung is from Mei Ang Church. He brought his wife to the exhibition. We first met in Pa Adang where we helped the Methodist Church and missionary Jenny Lee to start a kindergarten for the Penans.

My faithful friend Lesley and husband Julius came over to the exhibition and book sale. She bought an extra copy for her Foochow neighbour (Mrs. Wong). She said "I am sure Mrs. Wong would like the book." She found the book very interesting and readable.
Four good Foochow women friends who are now published writers : Yi Fang and Mei Sieng (Chenlu). Su Jing and I.  Wonderful that we have the opportunities to write and to be published! I hope our voices would be heard more.
My cousin KK Lau came to buy several copies to bring to Hong Kong. He is one of the grandsons of Lau Kah Chui (the other brother of Lau Kah Tii)
Posing with a young singer from Sitiawan. He is one of the competitors for the World Foochow Singing Competition.
Mr. and Mrs. Wong - related to Meng Lei gave us a Chicken Rice treat in Bandar Seri Begawan at Tien Tien. Mrs. Wong used to work in Malaysia Daily News. She enjoys being the owner of our new book.
Mr. Wong Chu Ling - a well known teacher from Sibu - Now Chairman of the Board of Directors of Tiong Kung Ping Kindergarten in Sg. Merah. His father was my primary school headmaster Mr. Wong Kie Mee. His soon Jayson is a good singer.

In another post I will write about how Foochow women support this book publication in more detail......Two especially have been very very supportive....

I would like to thank all friends and relatives and book lovers for making our writing so worthwhile! Xia xia.


天鵝江畔 said...

may be u need to include LHYien your PHD student, and daughter in law of Mr Yek Ming Aiik from Bintulu, she bought more than 10 copies of our books and even order more after she went back home. We are so encouraging by her.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

May be when I have photos I will have a special thank Bintulu Women's Wings...specially. Do you have a photo of Mrs.Yek?

Bengbeng said...

wow. congrats r in order. u have now joined the ranks of a published author

Bengbeng said...

wow. congrats r in order. u have now joined the ranks of a published author

Sarawakiana@2 said...


I was an accidental writer....If Meng Lei did not "ask" me I would not have been part of the team!! Thanks to him actually. But it was a good experience for me. Hope you will get a copy or...please get Chung Cheng school to buy some for the school library!! Thank you so much.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see so many familiar faces from Sibu in Miri!!Miri must be full of tourists last week! I heard many people enjoy freeFoochow dinner in East Wood.

Good to see YB David T. buying your book.
And I hope you will write more books.

Former MSS student.

K Lau said...
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K Lau said...
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