November 24, 2010

More about Bing Xin

Here is one woman writer from Fujian Province a Foochow role model who has placed her name amongst the great writers like Rudyard Kipling and Allan Edgar Poe. She was some one whose works inspired many young students to read and write well. She was a renown translator who translated the works of Tagore into Chinese. She taught in Japan and other universities the world over. Bing Xin was a real heroine in the eyes of many.

Today in Changle Fujian she has a full museum in her honour. No many Chinese women have reached her stature.

As an overseas Literature student in Wellesley USA
Statue of Bing Xin and her husband Wu Wenzoo in Beijing.
One of her last photos before she passed away in 1999
Photo taken by Meng Lei in 2004
Statues of Bing Xin teaching young children......

The royalties received from her books are all contributed to the running of the Skills TRaining Centre of Rural Women now headed by her daughter.

Love is indeed Marvellous!

Post script.....This is an interesting facebook link.....!/pages/Bing-Xin-Literature-Museum-bing-xin-wen-xue-guan/121520354566771


Ann said...

My pirate school is enrolling, LOL

Hi Doreen, Ginny, Sarawakiana,

I did this last year, and some of the books went home after I had my ESOL program verified. I will check if some of the books are still in my room. Then I could take some photos.

I should see about Anansi the Spider too.

Kids love coming to my program. It gives a change from the classroom, for instance, we had four handsome Firemen come to speak to some classes. I got news of it, and I joined in to see my handsome men in blue, on the pretest my kids would benefit, though they were not officially scheduled to attend. I went twice, ogling the men, my colleagues said I only took my kids because I wanted to see and talk tothe firemen.

Fire Fire Fire,
Get Down,
Get Low,
Get out
Dail 111 or 999.

Go over to my photo post, I will do the Firemen song next week. LOL, you will see how handsome my new boyfriends are.

Ann said...

Hi CY,

Where did you get all this info? Foochow women very advanced. So many women had university degrees when other women are tapping rubber, my dad used to tell us. Mdm Huang for example.

BTW, where is her son?

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Dear Ann
I am really impressed by this!! Children love to dress up and sing songs. I think my own best lessons were the singing lessons...I remember every one of my music teachers especially. Of course I remember all the others. We siblings had no TV so our conversation included breaking news about exciting things which happened in class!! And about teachers who were like Michael Jackson or Elvis Presley to us. Those were the days.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

I know just a little bit about Bing Xin...not really being educated in Chinese. Some of her writings were introduced as children's literature in Chinese school before the Malaysian Government controlled text books tightly.
Many Chinese (including Foochow women) had the advantage of having universities in their home towns (Beijing had 4 or 5 universities by 1920)and China was already sending out its young people overseas during the Qing Dynasty....
Those clansmen who came out to Nanyang were dirt poor actually. The rich who could afford everything (10 maids and 5 bondsmen etc) would never leave China to tap rubber..
May be I should write more about the educated Foochows of the past one of these days.
If you check you will have lots of Cantonese heroines too...

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