November 25, 2010

Sibu Friends - Orientation Morning in Miri

My friends from Sibu arrived on Wed 17th Nov and the six of us had to work in close proximity for six days manning a book stall and a cultural exhibition at the World Foochow Congress (19th -21st Nov).

After they had checked into the Mega Hotel it was time for a kind of orientation for them before we set up shop or started our work..see a bit of a few of the local specialties..the works...etc. Siaw Teck Chai (the President of the Miri Photographic Society) suggested excellent choice.

Sibu is not Miri and Miri is not the saying goes. WZT gave them a new experience or rather several new experiences....

Sitting under angsana trees....and enjoying the morning breeze.
Tuna on Toast
Thick thick (kow kow) Hainanese coffee only WZT can make
Multi racial customers sitting happily in a large open yard behind a shoplot.
And two dishes of fried noodles (Miri Style) and kuay tiaw (Miri style)
Meeting the President of the Miri Photographic Society in person.....

A very large mug of real Hainanese coffee .REAL! (Mug is from Ikea)

Meng Lei can't be happier with the thick slices of special bread and the gooey and delicious homemade Hainanese Kaya only from WZT.  ML is our famous Bao eater.....His simple life requires T and B (Tea and Bao) only. But sometimes he does order iced lemon when it is very hot.

Madam Ting from the World Foochow Association Office of Sibu is very pleased by the large serving....

Steve Ling from the United Daily News of Sibu : His Journalist mind is working as he chews the bread...he did not have his breakfast in Sibu and it was then almost 11 o'clock in the morning! We must not  make a reporter wait too long and get too hungry!

This is peanut butter on thick hot charcoal grilled toast!!

Tuna on toast.
Yi Fang and her camera.Yi Fang is a brilliant feature writer from See Hua Daily News....I forgot to take a photo of her under the nice angsana trees so this is a replacement...(on the banks of the Belait River)

We developed a great esprit de corp as each day unfolded. The spirit was very high indeed spiced with good food and interesting experiences.....


Anonymous said...

When and where will be the next conference?
How much is the fee?

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Hi Anonymous...I am not sure about the "fee". It really depends on the Foochow Association you are representing.

In Miri...those who are members of Miri Foochow Association got every thing free including meals and the two banquets!! So many who received both the red and green dinner tickets for the Celebration in Eastwood did not turn up...and what a waste indeed to every one who feels that the organisers have made a great effort to raise money and some people can turn their noses down like that. Should have given the tickets away graciously to others who wanted to go....but again...people are people..anything can happen.

The World Foochow Congress is once every two years.
Ask your local Foochow Association all the other questions....Thanks.

Bengbeng said...

hopefully Benghui n i will get a treat too :) we will b there hopefully from 23rd to the 26th dec for the wushu thingy

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Sure Bengbeng....and can have a treat too...WZT if you want...Where will you be staying?

It's a date for Benghui. God bless.

Bengbeng said...

thanks. we will keep in touch :)

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