April 1, 2011

Talinum (Tu Ren Shen)

Talinum paniculatum (Jacq.) Gaertn.

Are you Tarzan's fan? In the book writtenby Edgar Rice Burroughs you will come across  some mention of JEWELS OF OPAR. This is in most probability the name of this plant . In Chinese it is called "Tu ren shen" So it is indeed some kind of gingseng.

But most people in Miri would consider a wild weed!!

Botanically it is described as "Fleshy, erect herb, growing to 50 cm. Leaves are in whorls, obovate-lanceolate, flat, glossy and bright green. Flowers are in terminal panicles, small and pink colored."

It is a  garden plant or hedge and in places like Miri it " has escaped the gardens to become weeds."

Actually scientifically the root has saponin, steroid and essential oil.

In  many places it is tonic, to regulate menses, for cough, general debility, diarrhea.

In China, it is cultivated as a medicinal herb.

In Indonesia, used for liver and kidney problems.

If you just have a small space like the one above you can easily grow it and have a few meals from Talinum....

Leaves are edible and are often stir fried with some meat or dried fish. It is lovely as a soup in any longhouse dinner..

Well I hope the wind is good and will blow some of its seeds to your house!! What better than God sent free vegetables?

Excellent in part of your Thai Salad.......

Pssst......I can also suggest you get some from our very friendly Mr. Christopher Gan of Grand Palace......


Sunflower said...

Looks pretty even better it's edible and good for you.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Sunflower...yes it is a great vegetable. I also like it in Thai salads.

Ann said...

a very useful plant like the choko?

My Miri relatives takes NZ Choko back to plant in Miri. They say these ones are better than the ones that originally came from Sabah.

When your sister visits Sarawak, you must tell your sister to bring you a few fruit, esp those that had sprouted.

I must ask my sis margaret to read my post.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Hi Ann
Yes this is weed to a lot of people in Miri. The Chinese actually call it Soil Gingseng..or local gingseng. I am interested in planting your choco.

We often buy the Sabah ones which can be quite tasteless because of rapid growth and too much fertilizer.

Our dragon fruits are also failing...too many worms.

Perhaps your sis can help explain.

Ann said...

margaret been busy travelling round the world. She was on TV but they screened it a day before they told her. so the rest of the clan didn't see it.

you want me to ask her about dragon fruits? May be you put too much fertiliser.

Ann said...

This is true, mum kept rabbits, she put the rabbit pellets aka shit at the papaya trees. From there on the papayas had black rounds ball like stuff on the papayas. There was non before.

Ben said...

Thank you for this post. I have actually been growing this in Singapore, got it from Bali where they call it Wild Ginseng as well (Though not botanically related). Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

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