July 14, 2011

Fusion of Culture: Foochow Kampua meeting Iban Boy in Express

Travelling in an Express Boat in Sarawak from Kuala Baram to Marudi (which takes 3 hours)  is often a very rewarding experience.

As I was keen to keep a safe seat in the rocket shaped boat (with no windows opened) and very little fresh air I chose a front seat when all the rest of the seats were filled up and the roof was also completely full with boxes and young energetic passengers. Even though I had to stand for almost three hours because I really wanted to give my seat to an older lady it was really worth the journey. The fare was RM20..so next time you travel in this way you have to expect standing or sitting (inside or above) for the same price.

Blessings came my way. I had a lot of fresh air and I had the doorway to look through and I watched people and the river scenery passing by.

This little boy and his mother were excellent subjects!!

At about 10.30 two and half hours from Kuala Baram the mother took out a packet of Kampua and started feeding the little boy. He must be quite hungry. Mum did not eat at all. I had seen the boy sucking a feeding bottle filled with Ribena. Mum certainly knew about Vitamins !!

"Anang maio.../don't bite too much...." Here I notice that she was quite comfortable with the disposable chopsticks. I thought it was very ironical that some Chinese on the express were eating western styled buns while this Iban lady bought Foochow Kampua for her little son.

There you go...good bite and now chew properly...

By the way she bought a packet...Kampua Kosong - without meat - for RM3.00. When I was a child (slightly older than this boy) my Kampua Kosong was 30 cents from Wan Hin (No. l Island Road) once in a long while because most days we were not given any pocket money. And I still  remember that Kampua was the best food on earth to this day!!

I hope the boy remembers his mother's love and care. And in turn one day he will also help his mother eat when she is feeble and old......


Ann said...

I think Hua Hin Kampua was the best.

The mother is not doing good for the boy. I don't think he needs the whole packet. That is why in Singapore, kids like them have a hard time shedding their excess fat in the TAF club. (reverse if, his terrible friends call it FAT club.)

I won't dare to tell the mum, please eat half of the Kampua yourself. (LOL)

BTW, that Hua Hin still there? I have never eaten as good Kampua since then.

Anonymous said...

Too much kampua is bad for health!

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Where is the Hua Hin situated? I remember Wan Hin and Ting Yik Choon besides one other other along Island Road near the primary school. Today the furniture shop next to the Methodist Book Room is also a coffee shop. I think two more have sprung up opposite the school.

Yes I know...poor kid is already plump...

Our memories actually make the old Kampua seem bigger than life and better than whatever we have today. I always dream of having Lok Tian Yong Fishballs...(the Match Makers' Fish balls)...LOL

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Anonymous...I know...too much Kampua and a lot of sitting down in front of the TV or computer is bad for us. thanks.

Anonymous said...

we all grew up with kosong kampua most days.....just being lucky we hve kampua in between meals time.Its not the food or kampua tht makes most kids being obese......its their way of life nowadays.........being inactive and stay indoors playing video games.Whereas in our days......we all took part in sports and walk to school.So pls dont blame the food.....its the life style nowadays

Anonymous said...

the best kampua mee was at kiew siang along the Central road..........diagonally across the fire station.........the other one was at Kok Cheng..opposite Cathay cinema.

sintaicharles said...
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sintaicharles said...

What a blissful sight--mother feeding baby with Kampua. Her face was radiant with love.

I went to Sibu with my students eight years ago and we had Kampua in a shanty by a river. It was run by a bare-chested man and his wife. The noodles were tossed in a moderate amount of fragrant lard while the salty sliced pork had a tinge of sweetness. To this day I still remember the delicious taste. I wonder if that stall is still there.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Anonymous...Diabetes seem to to crept into the lives of more 90% of people above 50. Our very sedentary lifestyle and constant TV watching and too much carbs seem to be the main cause!! Take care.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Anonymous..Yes I remember Kiew Siang..near to the Fire Station. I think even my DAD and his friends would order kopi 0 kow kow and had them sent to the office..In those days it was popular for coffee shop boys to "send out" coffee....This kind of service is out dated..Yes many people still go to KS and Kok Seng (very hard to park)

Nice to think of the old days. thanks for sharing.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Charles..thanks. I believe those shanties have all gone...and more expensive shops have mushroomed e.g. Cafe Cafe and Fisherman's....

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Charles..you have a nice way of describing kampua. Not many "outsiders" can appreciate kampua ....

Ann said...

I agree witht you about outsiders like my husband. he didn't think it is so good.

Hua Hin, if the same one we are talking about, the one I went to is the end shop opposite Methodist school. The block where See Hua Daily news is (WAS?)

Ann said...

hehehe, I should have married a Sibu person, when I first came to NZ, my Sibu friends didn't like me going out with my West Malaysian BF.

Now I understand why, we often have East Verses West Malaysian arguments. I should have listened to Sibu friends.

Ann said...

those aeroplane express, I was told they sailed across the ocean to Soloman islands.

Did you know about tha accident just up from Durin?

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Yes Most West Malaysians love their own Wantan Mein...or Hokkien Mee. I am not sure if Hua Hin is still at the corner opposite the school. Because recently I saw a motor bike shop there.

See Hua has also moved to their new building near the Methodist School.

Husbands and wives have all sorts of arguments...it need be caused by geographical factors!! hahaha

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Ann...Are those aeroplane expresses built in Sibu? Must be very good. Those which sailed around the coasts of Sabah are made in Sibu too..Many accidents.

Durin tragedy? In 1978? I remember the Ferry one when one car went into the river after the ferry sailed out.

sarawaklens said...

hahaha alamak you ah... people want to eat you go and snap snap, hahaha

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Sarawaklens...it was alright. I had the permission of the mum...he was a great model...and he enjoyed all the shots I made of him. Real trouper..and mum was very nice...He was a natural.

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