August 10, 2011

Fresh Anchovies in Kianggeh Market in Bandar Seri Begawan

These two photos were taken for many of my friends who do not know that Ikan Bilis or Ikan Pusu actually came from these fresh Anchovies.

Yes fishermen in Brunei and Sarawak do catch their own anchovies.

Many people buy their own fresh anchovies and kasam (salt) them or dry them to become ikan bilis or ikan pusu.

I also know of friends who dry these small fish in the sun and then roast them for a while to get rid of all the remaining moisture and finally grind them into very good powder for flavourful cooking. this is the real organic way of favouring food. No MSG in the kitchen!!

One whole basin of fresh anchovies in Kianggeh Market in Bandar Seri Begawan

Closer view
In fact it is more economical and hygienic to make our own ikan bilis at home. But then we might be too busy and the weather is against us. I am jinx in that way. Each time I want to make my own "less salty" dried fish the rain comes.

So I wonder if these few days I should go and make my own dried fish...and help Miri get some rain!!

A friend said whenever she washes her bed linen the same thing will happen.

So in order to bring rain perhaps both of us should go and do our "thingy"....This is just to put a smile on your face...seriously we have to pray hard for rain in the next few days...It has been too hot.



Sunflower said...

Can not remember if my mum had dried ikan bilis before. These fresh ikan bilis are great coated in dried flour deep fried or deboned and mixed with a batter to make fritters.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

HI..I am to read your comment. How are things in your place? I watched BBC and it was horrific -I mean the riots in tottenham and thereabouts. And this is ahead of the 2012 Olympics!!

Thanks for the recipe..I will try that when I meet this nice ones again. My relatives bought a lot to make their own ikan bilis. Very tasty if made in our backyard!!

God bless and take care.

Anonymous said...

I was told anchovies is no good for people with gout. Is it true. And also tea , espcially green tea and papaya are god for gout patients. Is that true?

Daniel Yiek said...

Just google for gout and protein and you'll know the answer.

Sunflower said...

I used to live in Tottenham when I was in college years ago. Not a nice place.

Re riots, nothing much happening where I am. it was terrible in bigger cities. Many youngsters in UK are fearless they can cause a lot of troubles. In my areas there have been few incidents of trouble makers set fire to residents cars repeatedly few months ago. Maybe the law here is not strict enough to control these people.

Anonymous said...

Well, Daniel, not everyone is as smart as you!!!

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Dear Anonymous..I think too much of anything is bad for gout. A visit to a doctor is always good when you have it. After the visit to doc always eat lots of veg like celery and fruits. Green tea obviously can help.

Exercise helps. Many of my friends who are in the 70's have gout because they are too rich and eating very rich food. So we laugh about it being a rich man's sickness..but then basically it is a sickness caused by eating too good food. Avoid santan if you can.

All the best for your diet. God Bless.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Daniel...thanks..I too often google for this and that late into the night...and never stop feeling amazed by the sites...

May be one day some one will start the old dream.."Elixir of life".....and be like the Emperors of China....Cheers.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Sunflower...yes...I am so attached to the BBC now..just watched in horror this morning how a 65 year old man was (Bowes) attacked and now he is dead after a day or so...

How cruel some people can be...So we really want Humanity back...don't we?

There must be a balance in everything. Too relax in good. Too strict also no good. But I am glad you and your family are ok....May God keep you safe always...

Ann said...

so long didn't hear the word ikan pusu. These fresh ikan pusu, is it any good in making fritters like the white bait fritters here in NZ?

If you are keen in making dry things, you should buy a drier. My sis in law dries everything, alas for me, my "lover" is the computer. I have neglected everything else.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Ann...these are good (as Sunflower said) for fritters..I did make some salted pusu preserved in olive oil...interesting tastes..just like the small sardines.

My relatives did the dried ones because they have the time and the big tray and a garden...This is just some kind of past time. No worries if you don't have the need to dry them or preserve them.

Free Bird said...

Have you tried making it? Pusu in Olive Oil. It might be an awesome ingredient for fish stew or maybe a simple salad. greens etc.

I wish I could get fresh stuff like that without dragging myself out of bed early in the morning before work :(

Such a luxury to be able to process your own food and eat what you made.

And, Murphy's Law comes into mind :p on rainy days when you plan to have sunshine smelling stuff.

Think it won't rain!

Is it dry and hot in Miri now?

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