August 14, 2011

Rice Field Mushroom and Vegetable and Rice Plate

Mandai leaves are very popular in Northern Sarawak and you can buy them in most pasar tani (or farmers' market).

Recently I had some with my friends in their home.

she had just come back from her rice field and she brought back the organic vegetable and some white mushrooms.

Very soft and sweet leaves - jungle greens. I think this is as good as Cangkok Manis.

A whole bundle of the leaves and their stems.

Freshly cooked leaves with the white mushrooms from the padi fields.
Rice is also home grown and milled in a nearby milling station. Payment is in kind. One " kong"
or one tin of freshly milled rice for one gunny of unhusked rice.....That's very reasonable. 

In this way the women in this farming community actually put food on the table and they labour long and hard for their rice. As a bonus (from my point of view) God places free vegetables along the way for them to pick when they are on their way home from the farm......


Ann said...

Is it abalone mushrooms? This healthy diet, no obesity?

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Ann...this is just some kind of wild Sarawak white mushroom. Most people would think that it is wood mushroom. It is very tasty especially if it is dried in the sun. somehow the dried white mushrooms become very tasty in soup. For this recipe my friend cooked the mushroom with this wild vegetables. So it was quite a vegetarian meal for us. Very healthy.

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