October 13, 2011

A Servant of Sarawak

Being in KL means that I can be in several big bookstores for hours!!

One of my latest purchase is "A Servant of Sarawak" by Dato Dr.Sir Peter Mooney.

It is a book which one picks up to read and really cannot put down. I even read when I was having y meals. And DVDs have to wait!! Astro was switched off until I finished reading the book.

Indeed I was transported to the Sarawak of the 50's...the seven years he was in Sarawak.

If you are from Sibu do you know of Journey's End? Do you know of the murder which took place in one of the houses there? Do you know which house it was?

DATO’ DR. SIR PETER MOONEYDato' Dr. Sir Peter Mooney
This book has a sub-title "Reminiscences of a Crown Counsel in 1950s Borneo".
Once YOU have read the book you will have a different perspective of the Old Sarawak . Furthermore you would relish the shared memories if you had lived in the state during the time like me.

I really felt very much a part of one of the cases he described. The Sibu case can be considered one of the most well known murder cases in Sibu in the earlier years. However when the case was heard even though I was still a primary school pupil I was mersmerized by the daily retelling of the court scenes by our Malay washerwoman and friend Kak. Gossips naturally floated around and mum was entertained by Kak's story. I can still see kak fluttering before mum and gesturing animatedly. The whole Kampong Nyabor was alerted by the case and different versions of the stories resulted. Now I have Dato Mooney's version in writing - 50 years later.


Anonymous said...

which one was the Sibu case? on what page?

where is Journey End? I am scratching my head

翱翔 said...

I do not all of the incidents you mentioned in your blog. May be I am too young. But I want to ask, can I have a copy of book in local bookstore in Sarawak?

Anonymous said...

If you check on the website, you can buy a digital copy at different places.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous,
the Sibu case is the one involving the gold ornament/jewellery seller. A young lady and her ralative plotted to kill her. The case was sensational because of the colourful characters and interesting facts involved. Sibu was stunned for days!!


Anonymous said...

I bought the book in MPH KL and I am not sure if it is available in Sibu. I know it is not available in Miri yet.

What is your name in Pinyin? I have never come across the first word. What a good word it is...you have many feathers....


Anonymous said...

Thanks Anonymous...

God bless.


Anonymous said...

journey ends road is along queensway, as u travel from town towards delta estate, the part where it parts into a 'Y", and the part of the Y that leads to methodist children home is the journeys end

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