February 11, 2012

Chicken Rice Balls in Brunei

A few years ago we visited Melaka as a family. We did what tourists did and enjoyed the various programmes.

Then we had to look for some nice food. And of course on the top of the list was Melaka Chicken Rice Balls.

The shop was crowded with diners and we had to queue. It wasn't a joke to queue in the hot sun - way down the dusty road too. Temperatures must have been hovering around 100 degrees... and tempers were equally hot!!

We must have been waiting for about 30 minutes and you know what malaysians do best? Some people jumped Q!!

Well we had to wait again for our turn and finally after ten minutes more we got our HALF table. By that time the whole family was not speaking to each other..and we were quite full with roadside food - t he rojak and the biscuits and the drinks my young children were buying...

the diners who shared our table were NOT what the Malaysian advertisements say...Malaysia..truly Asia..with all the smiles and nice body language!!

So...what' the moral of the story?

These are really huge rice balls. The sauce is not quite to my liking but the chicken is as good as any Hainanese styled chicken.
Photos are pinned up above the order counter. A few tables found in this cafe are clean and the staff is quite friendly. There is enough space for young parents to bring in their prams .

May be we should make our own chicken rice balls and give this shop a miss....in Melaka..

or Never go to Melaka to eat Chicken rice..

or don't queue when the queue is long....

We came home thinking..what's so great about the chicken rice balls..

This shop in BANDAR has good CRB...have a try...


Ann said...

hehehe, I refuse to eat this in Melaka, why eat rice that others have played with it.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

so many people say the same thing too...but it was a novelty to many..tourists especially...