February 7, 2012

Pulau - a dog which cannot swim

Pulau is famous in the longhouse!! He is the only dog who cannot swim. And you have never heard of a dog which cannot swim I suppose. Pulau is literally terrified of water. I wonder what can the Dog Whisperer do about this problem.

this is Palau my sister in law's dog who keeps her company when she tends to her oil palm garden l hour from the longhouse. Pulau is also a dog which can guard her and her grand children when they stay a few nights in the little farm away from the mainhouse. 
This is Pulau with his master (my sister in law's husband) He is on his way to pick durians across the river. Part of the river is too deep and one has to swim. Pulau cannot swim and is afraid of water.

Pulau is well loved by the local residents especially the Penghulu of the area. They have a very special relationship and Pulau goes along with the Penghulu...but only up to the water edge!!

So in a way the legend of Pulau lives on...He loves his human friends and would never leave home at night!!


Anonymous said...

this dog sitting in the basket is the best!


Sarawakiana@2 said...

Yes...that's a fantastic photo by Steve Ling...thanks for the reference...

Anonymous said...

By the way, you must be aware that Tiong Thai King is from your same village in China, the 14th Do (now Jinsha 金沙).

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Sarawakania, I love this posting and the pics.
Sarawak has always fascinated me.
And yes, a dog is always man's best friend.....
And ha ha, yes, first time read of a dog can't swim.
Cute feller too.
Your photography is outstanding!

I used to keep Doberman's, but more as guard dogs as I was seldom home....and what with the many robberies or home invasions, my pretty maid was terrified being home alone, till I got my Doberman, named 'Whisky'. Other one, 'Brandy'.

Always enjoy popping in here to read of your Sarawak experiences.
You have a nice day.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Dear Anonymous..you are very sharp! The Datuk Bandar TTK is my late father's cousin..Yes ..we are all from Jin Sha..You know me..but I am disadvantaged because I don't know who you are. But if anonymity makes you happier it is alright with me!! thanks. Keep your comments coming in.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Hi Uncle Lee
I have to say I have not been so a good reader of your blog!! My computer being a little aged is slow and I have not been able to "open" many blogs which have lots of photos and data on one page...hence when my computer hangs I stop reading..Early morning I can do some posting of my articles..

rural photography suits me fine..wherever wheels can take me..and whoever allows me to use them as my subjects of interest/focus!!!

I always appreciate your popping by..and it really cheers me up ..well being on an island..you know life is not really that urbane and fast paced..


Anonymous said...

I read that your family was from 14 Doo. The other day, I read that Tiong TK's family was also from 14 Doo. Then my grandpa was from 14 Doo, but we are not Tiong. I don't think we know each other. This is strange because in those days, our grand parents would treat each other as relatives. I think 14 Doo must be a small town. I wonder if there are any more people in Sibu who originated from 14 Doo.

14-Doo boy (ok, my nick name)

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Dear 14 Doo boy,
That's interesting. I think there are many 14 Doo families in Sibu...You can go to Sibu Zhang Clan association and look at the Genealogy book of the Zhangs..you can discover many 14 doo people. Tiong Yong Ging can help you there. A good Foochow specialist is Wong meng Lei of Methodist Message...go and see him too!! Most of the Tiongs are from 14 Doo if I am not mistaken..Another way of finding 14 doo families is by reading the tombstones during Ching Ming...I know the last suggestion is rather morbid..but that's what researchers do...

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