March 31, 2012

Fisherman's Kitchen -a special Coffee Shop

The coffee shop nearest to where I stay in Miri is called Fisherman's Kitchen.

At this coffee shop we often meet our friends and relatives from Sibu like Paul Ling who has retired and is living in Miri.

Paul was having a good breakfsfat with his father in law...

A young lady serves all the fast food...and she stands next to a bowl of freshly deep fried fish which is well liked by Foochows and other customers.

One of my favourite dishes here - fresh fish slices cooked in a bowl of mee hoon soup with lots of vegetables.

Close-up of the little fishes...

A coffee shop in the neighbourhood always makes your life a little is convenient of course and you get into a nice conversation every now and then when business is not so hectic with the towkay's wife.....and pick up interesting local news.....

Most importantly...once the owners are familiar with you you won't be disappointed by their service and their food. It is just like being in a coffee shop run by relatives in Sibu!!


Anonymous said...

is tht the same Paul Ling who has been the Cathay manager for in the 70s .......was he the old student hailed from the one and only Sacred Heart School in Sibu...then i do know him pretty well.

Sarawakiana@2 said... are right. I only did not introduce him in you know him!!It would be nice for him to know that many people remember him in Sibu and elsewhere...I got a few free lists from him too...and enjoyed many movies in Cathay cinema which was within walking distnace from my house. Cheers.