April 13, 2012

Early Morning in Rejang Park

The Rejang Park is the first low cost housing planned by BDC...and the first homes (cubicle homes) were sold at RM30 thousand only...Many doubting Thomases were predicting that beautiful homes could not be created from these "chicken coop like" structures. But they were wrong indeed.

30 years later the Rejang Park is still a choice place for most people - for shopping and for an evening dinner out!! I would say..it is a special Sibu place. And you continue to love the place ..a Foochow kind of suburb with everything you can find...from Kompia to Kampua...to Kang Kong...to Kohluk (Cola)..to Kawan (friends)...and a nice place to Ka-liu (play)...and if you happen to have some time..take a chair in the famous "I help you you help me" open space and enjoy an plate of kampua al fresco...you will have friends to stop buy and you play "katch up" (the BM Baku version of catch up)

Life here is not at the pace of ke ke (quick quick) for you can slow down..and even sit in the bus stop and chat the whole morning...while waiting for your Kindergarten going grand children to finish school. Grandparents have been delegated to doing that job for years..and it is a pleasure indeed for some of my friends...they come here early and stay until it is time to take their grandchildren home (which may only be 500 meters away)!!

the shop's newspapers ready for any one to read....
the new style cafe ....
New kinds of tables ..with the baos already warm by 6 a.m.
Busy mothers walk into the shops with their crash helmets on!! A common sight in Sibu.
Chairs reserving the parking lot for either the towkay or a loyal customer...another  common practice in Sarawak.

I thank all my friends who had breakfasts and dinners with me in Rejang Park in the last 30 years....and especially my good friend Yi Fang who gave me a memorable week in her newly renovated new home right in the heart of the Rejang Park........(watch out ...more photos and stories to follow!!)


mezzo solo said...

yes, i saw u ma'am, with camera and taking photos of fruits and so on... great..

Ann said...

now I tell you a secret, may be open secret. When I was growing up, the Foochows teased that we the Cantonese eat your "Man's best friend." But when the Foochows tried it, they like it very much and started serving it in eateries. It seems you could get it in a place at Rejang Park.

"Man's best friend" started getting lost.

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