April 27, 2012

Unforgettable Kin Men Island - Lu Family's Oyster Noodles

Early morning oysters are harvested in Kinmen Island
Known as Quemoy in English this group of islands has graced many travellers' tales. Today it a popular tourist spot for both the Mainland Chinese and the Taiwanese. One must bring lots of Taiwan dollars to spend here.

Taiwan stations as many as 55,000 troops on the offshore island of Kinmen [Quemoy]. Since the Ming Dynasty, it has been called Jinmen, meaning a "strong gate as if made of gold", for the place was like a gate controlling the sea area. The people share the same traditional festivals with the mainlanders, especially Zhangzhou and Quanzhou people. 

Excellent Oyster Noodles of Kinmen Island . You start counting the oysters ..but you lose count because the noodles  is just so GOOD!! Even a picky eater like Steve Ling kept quiet and finish his bowl of noodles before every one else. That's a record.

Special plate of braised choices of meat and tauhoo...Also very good.

Very special braised items.
The shop owner and his family - The Lu Family reunion in Kin Men (Photo courtesy of Mr. Lu)
Mr. Lu of Kin Men Island and Mr. Wong from Borneo Island
The visit to Kin Men Island was really worth it. Xiamen is on an island itself. Kinmen Is is the second island on our itinerary. Two more islands to go to in the next few days...and lots of boat rides...it will be ok for someone like me who is very used to river boats and ferries.


Ann said...

CY, please please please, let me go with you.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

One of these days we will let you know...Thanks for showing interest.

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