June 12, 2012

on the West Bank of the Igan (Sg. Bidut)

Tang Kee Restaurant across Sibu serves up great Foochow delicacies.
The dish is roasted chicken with lots of sesame seeds. A speciality of this restaurant. Very succulent and tasty...

Cangkok manis fried with eggs done in a very nice way...not too dry and not too wet...
This is a bitter gourd dish with eggs (you can request three eggs recipe)
Hot siew mai from the steamer
You can even order a freshly fried Black Pomfret fried in the way your mother would...do not request for the sweet and sour source....eat the fish like this and it is really very home cooked and traditional. The skin will be crunchy and fragrant..and a little oil or collagen will seep from the underside...Black pomfret cooked this way is usually not frish...and you know you are getting a REALly good fish....

when in Sibu all the friends would like to be the first one to take out the wallet....

"I don't mind to wash all the dishes to pay for the meal!!" So very often when you have been to the counter you will tell your friends that "all the dishes have been washed.." bill paid....that's a good expression from Sibu.

Have a great day....with Foochow Cuisine in Sibu....


Anonymous said...

is tht the Hock Chu Ley ur referring to?Did not get to go there while in Sibu cos its bit way out ....must try it next time.Been told tht the pomenlo is very very sweet .....only plce is sibu tht got it.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Hi anonymous..it is quite a nice place..best pomeloes are from the Ah Poh area...or Kwong Hua area. Get them from a man near KTS /Palace building. It has a little bit of tiny fur on the skin..called Moh Moh Pou...small but sweet and easy to skin. Some Chinese restaurants serve this pomelo only.

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