October 14, 2012

Feast for my eyes....an Old Sugar Belian Bucket

A flash from the past...this is an old sugar bucket made from belian which can last forever.... Found in Padungan Road of Kuching. (The old price of sugar @ RM2.40)
This is an old measure used by Chinese in China and Malaysia ...to measure dry goods like rice and sugar. Each measure is called a Dou...we therefore used to buy One Dou of rice at a certain price.

This is a photo taken in the Pertanak Market in Kuching. This toufoo fah maker has his wooden tub in his family for two generations!!

Old Chinese outlet using an wooden bucket to sell toufoo fah.


Anonymous said...

It was so well made and water tight too.....same as the wine barrel for it to age and mature.We had a wooden tank in the early 60s of similar nature as our water reservoir..no such skills left nowadays to manufacture then now.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Thank you so much for your input...yes I totally agree with you....the traditional skills are all disappearing. And too much plastic around.

Ann said...

I didn't know it was made of timber. always thought they were metal. I know shops well. In Sibu channel road, the first shop to what was they Govt building, Chop Yuh Lai was Cantonese, next door Chop Tung Chiong was Ho Po hakka. I think the are gone. my relatives. did business with San ba cantonese. Up at Durin, grand uncle & Ah Tai, and my Grand dad, 1/4 of house is a shop.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Most of the buckets were wooden..and belian to boot. I remember visiting an old house in Oya Road where an old Foochow man was the original bucket maker. He even made the bucket for tang sai (night soil)... I still know one of the men who has this story to tell. He lives in Miri now. I will try to see him and ask him to tell me the stories again. Not a single nail used.

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