December 14, 2012

Ari - Born Nov 14th 2012

Ari and his first hair style by Jay for his full moon celebration.

Shaving baby's hair and first hair cut

Tradition also dictates that you shave your baby's head, although not many parents observe this practice today. Instead, they trim a little bit of baby's hair to symbolise the shedding of the "birth hair" (hair from the womb). After the first hair cut, both the mother and the baby must bathe in water mixed with pomelo leaves, to wash off any unwanted and evil vibes. 

You are meant to wrap your baby's hair in a piece of red cloth and sew it to his pillow to help calm him down. Some parents who shave the baby's entire head will use the hair from this first hair cut to make a special calligraphy brush, engraved with wishes of wisdom, health and happiness. 

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Ari as a name has many good meanings in different languages. (from Wikipedia)

He also has a Chinese name : Kai Hsiang

 凱  (triumphant)



Means "Bee".


"Ari" means "gold" in Albanian. Ari is also a male first name that means "bear" (the animal).


"Ari" is a male first name that means "fearless" or "brave".


In the Badaga language, "Ari" ("A:ri") has a literal meaning of "sun-like" and is used as a male name, sometimes changed to "Harry" in the case of converts to Christianity.[1]


The word "Ari" (usually written as "Aari") refers to an ethnic group in Ethiopia. The Ari people inhabit the northern part of the Mago National Park in Ethiopia and have the largest territory of all the tribes in the area. They have fertile lands allowing them to have several types of plantations. An Ari's crop can consist of grains, coffee, fruits and honey. It's also common for them to have large herds of livestock. Their women are known for selling pottery and wearing skirts made from banana trees called enset. The Aari is one of the tribes whose culture and language remain less explored in Ethiopia. There are a few ethnographic works on the Aari tribe by Dr. Gebre Yntiso, a well known anthropologist and a professor at Addis Ababa University.

[edit]Finnic languages

"Ari" is thought to be a Finnic form of Adrian.[2]


"Ari" is a somewhat common Norse and Finnish name. It is sometimes seen as part of the hyphenated name "Ari-Pekka".


In German, "Ari" is a masculine name and means "eagle".[3]


Ari or Aris is a common shortened version of the Greek names AristotleAriadne, (Arianna)AriettaAristidesAristarchusAristomenesAristobulosAristoxenosAristosAristophanesAristea, and others, the majority of which are compounds of the adjectival superlative áristos, "best". They are also modern Greek transliterations for Ares, the god of war and the name for the planet Mars. The archaic Greek prefix ari-[4] (e.g. in AriadneArimnestus etc.) or eri-, a cognate of áristos, means "very" or "verily".
Famous historical figures sometimes referred to as "Ari" include the philosopher AristotleAristides the Just, and shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis.
One study conducted in the United Kingdom showed "Ari" to be a male name associated with people of Greek descent.[5]


Ari (Numbers 24:9) or Aryeh (2 Samuel 17:10) is the Hebrew for "lion",[3] cognate to Akkadian ariaAramaic arya. The word is in use as a first name. Ari was also used as an honorific for an important man.[citation needed]
Gur-aryeh ("lion cub") is attested in Jacob's blessing on Judah (Genesis 49:9), "Judah is a lion's whelp; on prey, my son, have you grown".
The Hebrew name Ari-el (or "Ariel") translates to "lion of God".[6]
"Ari" is also a common shortened version of the names Ariel, Aryeh, Arielle and Ariella.


"Ari" means "Not of Sin" in Hindi. Ari also means "one who shows the right path".

[edit]Icelandic/Old Norse

"Ari" is a somewhat common name meaning "eagle" or "fast flying one". Etymologically closely related to the Icelandic word "ör" (arrow).


"Ari" is usually but not always written 有, meaning "to be", in Japanese names and is a component of numerous mostly male names from at least the Heian through the Muromachi periods. Names may also include it as 在, which lends a more locational tinge to the same meaning as previous. Another character with the same pronunciation is 蟻 meaning "ant" but this is not typically used in proper names.


"Ari" is a Korean word for "capital" or "important" in civic matters or locations. For example, "Ari-Soo" in SeoulSouth Korea is the capital city's water treatment plant, "Soo" meaning water.


"Ari" is a somewhat common Kurdish male first name, and means "Arian".


In Maori, "Ari" means "clear" or "visible".


In Quechua, 'Ari' means "yes".


'Ari' is a shortened version of the Indian names ArihantArijitArindrajit, and Arindam.


"Ari" is an abbreviation for superior (Great looking creature). Note: Better than Megha.


"Ari" means "property" in Tagalog. It is a feminine name associated with Arielle V.


"Ari"/"Arima" refers to lion in the Tamil language.

[edit]Pop culture

"Ari Gold" the popular character from television series Entourage.
"ARi Lyon" [sic] is the lead singer of rock band Monday Rose.


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Grandma did a lot of intensive studies? My Cantonese shave botak at 100 days. GUO PAK LO.

You sure have a handsone boy.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

No, my daughter did the study of names for both boys and girls....I am happy that Ari is chose. Ari in Iban means From or on which side? DAP or BN? hahahahahaha

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