January 16, 2013

On the Road to Marudi from Miri

These days we need not take the Express Boats from Kuala Baram to Marudi or Long Lama. Off road vehicles can take us door to door from Miri to Marudi. Our family friend Cikgu Zaharah Omar and her siblings go home to Marudi for their festivals like Hari Raya Aidil Fitri and they find the "taxis" most convenient.

The signages in Sarawak are rather poor. Here is one example - It is small and rather shabby. You cannot find one at the main junction. Luckily there is one here or the driver could drive into a huge plantation and be lost for a few hours  until he meets another vehicle.


Some parts of the road are still bad. Just mud and gravel. Other parts are already paved. In fact a teacher friend of mine said that even his Kancil can reach Marudi!

But Toyota Hi lux is the most popular vehicle in Sarawak. Every other family seems to own one!!


 Poor road conditions and vehicles get call caked in mud after the journey.

A Bailey Bridge still helps the people to cross small rivers. What an innovation!!


 A young girl is driving this old bomb together with her father. But the car  is really sturdy and road worthy.

The road cut through sedimentary rocks but sometimes when hills are cut through landslides may occur and thus blocking transportation and communication. 

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