May 15, 2013

Rain Water Collection in Sarawak

Foochows have been collecting rain water for all purposes since 1903 in Sarawak. It is free and it is a good thing to do.

Photo: GOOD MORNING FROM SARAWAK....When in the rural area, rain like this is a Gift from God. It felt so good to see this rain because it meant that I did not have to bathe in the teh-C coloured river,wearing a sarong, my friends and I could cook with clean water, and the children who came to learn some English would be bathed and fresh smelling with soap, their clothes would be washed. Cutting their hair would be pure joy,etc,etc. Most important of all, we could boil rain water to make drinks, and we could save on our bottled drinks for another day.  Rain also means God is cleaning up the earth and giving food to the vegetation.

People should continue to collect rain water.

The photo shows the Penans in Ulu Belaga where they are forced to collect rain water because it is the only source of clean water. The river water from the Malim is too polluted now for drinking and cooking. Even for washing of clothes the people have to think twice. Only during certaintimes of the year will the river water be clean for a while.

Pesticides, erosion, etc pollute the river water.

We thank God He sends rain.


wenn said...

I remembered my late grandma used to do that..

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

old time, rain falls are collected.

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