August 19, 2013

Fish Fillet, Foochow Style

My maternal grandmother Lau Lian Tie  and my mother love a special Foochow way of cooking fish and they love Ngoh Ngii or Threadfin Cod. This Foochow style of cooking is called "Pee:

First the fresh fish (cod) is gently fried (either in shallow oil or deep fired). Once done, the fish is left to dry in the wind so that the skin is crispy.

A sauce is then prepared. The sauce can be any sauce that you like. I love mine Hock Chu Leu style like in the photo

Fried fish cooked in sauce at Hock Chu Leu in Sibu. Best Fish Dish in my opinion.

The sauce is made from a bit of lemon juice, some vinegar, lots of onions, some chillies, some carrots, some corn kernels,a bit of tomatoes and a bit of wine and sugar.

The fresh threadfin cod is lovely and there is not fishy taste at all.....

No wonder three generations love this dish so far.

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