January 24, 2014

Cure for Nose Bleeding : Kang Soon Roots

The peat swamps of Sibu yield a good , healthy, crop called Kang Soon, or Cane Bamboo. The roots of this small bamboo are boiled to make a drink which can cure nose bleeding.

When we were kids, my maternal grandmother and aunts in Nang Chong used to boil this whenever we kids had nose bleeding.

And I have been wondering for many years why we suffered more from nose bleeding in those days. These days we hardly hear of people suffering from nose bleeding.

Only one of my children suffered from nose bleeding, but the problem stopped after a while.

Each of these bundles cost RM 2.00 in Sibu. This photo is taken in the Sibu Central Market.



Anonymous said...

I am inetrested to know more of the bamboo. Do you have picture of the plant? In future if u do have, then do post it here.

Ensurai said...

My mother used to have several plants in our back yard. I will have to go to some villages to get photos of this Kang Soon. Thanks for visiting. Will post photo when I have it. I am interested in planting too but I live near the sea so it might not happen.

Anonymous said...

When I was younger, I used to have nose bleeding too. Doctors said it was a childhood thing. Maybe when a person is younger (at least for certain people), the blood vessels tend to break easily. perhaps the 'bamboo' has chemicals that help strengthen blood vessels. And maybe children of today have better nutition and therefore srtronger boold vessels. Just tryng to hypothesize.!

Anonymous said...

It looks more like wild sugar cane to me. Is it Phargmites karka? Try googling and see the images.

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