March 11, 2014

Sibu Girl's Kurma

The Methodist Women's Society every year has a food sale. And one of the most popular items was chicken curry with rice.

During my Grand Aunt or Goo Poh's life time, a few of her friends handed the curry rice stall very well. And she too too cooked curry for us kids often. We loved her yellow curry which suited our taste buds whenever we stayed for lunch at her apartment in the  Methodist  Church 50th Anniversary Building within the Methodist Primary School compound.

But after I went to study in West Malaysia for a few years, I wanted something hotter and more spicy.

However I learned to cook Kurma and I in turn taught her how to cook kurma. Every new year in Sibu, one of the most popular dishes I cooked for friends, was the kurma chicken or beef. My friends called it Green Curry, but it was not that green. For later, when the Thai Green curry was introduced to Sibu, the ladies realised how green Thai Green Curry is.

Here's my Kurma Paste

Pound/blend together these two and then make into a thick paste

1. 2 tsp coriander seeds
2. 4 tsp cumin seeds 
(You can add some fennel seeds for additional flavours)

Prepare the following for the cooking of kurma chicken or beef
1. 2 cloves garlic

2. l thumb sized piece of fresh ginger
3. some pepper
4. 1/2 tsp salt
5. 2 Tsp cooking oil
5. 2 fresh green chillies
6.l or 2 cups of thick coconut milk
7.some coriander leaves
8, one candle nut,if you like
9. 2 tablespoons yoghurt if you like
10. one tin of green peas

800 chicken meat cut into bite sizes or beef cut into your preferred chunks or slices.

You can use half a chicken or about 800 gms of beef. (marinate the meat with some coriander and cumin powder, and salt for about 1 hour)

1.  Heat up oil, fry the garlic and ginger until aromatic.
2. Add the kurma paste and stir fry until oil separates from the paste.
3. Add the marinated meat and sear it. Add coconut milk when the meat is completely seared.
4. Cook slowly for 40 minutes and then add the rest of the ingredients. Add salt and pepper to taste. (Add pounded candle nut.)
5. Cook longer until the kurma is very thick and the meat very tender. Add water if you need to cook longer or if meat is still not tender.
6. Before serving add peas and coriander leaves. 

Enjoy this very comforting food. 


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