April 4, 2014

Sungei Merah Tales : Ching Ming Festival and a haunting story

Sungei Merah of Sibu, comes to life during the Ching Ming Festival. For more than 100 years Sungei Merah is the heart of Foochows who congregate here for this very important tomb sweeping festival, be they Christians or non Christians. they buy brooms from the Sungei merah shops and even have to bring some water for cleaning up of the tombs. They too need flowers if they happen to come unprepared and have some extra money in their pockets. Thus there springs up a special seasonal business in Sungei Merah - the selling of flowers. Many enterprising students from Sungei Merah try to make some money during the Ching Ming Festival.
My sister during Ching Ming, giving some business to her former student who is selling flowers
this is William a former student who has a tale to tell about Ching Ming and flowers.
A few years ago, a young lady came to buy flowers from  another man who sold flowers.. She gave him some money and then left with her choice of floral arrngement. that evening when he counted the money earned with his sister, he realised that he had some unusual paper money in his box. He started having goosebumps. Could it have been a  special apparition? William said he hoped he won't meet such a "person" in his life. But he said, being a good person, he would definitely not meet an evil one.

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