July 22, 2014

Flora of Miri : Simpor


The Simpor is a very common plant in Sarawak jungles and different races use the leaves and the trunks for many purposes.

When we were young we used to earned a few cents by collecting the fresh leaves in the morning and selling them to the local butcher. Most of my school mates did this once or twice a week. Or they would be collecting them for their mothers for wrapping kuih.

The stems of the simpor can be cut and used as temporary walking sticks whenever you go to the jungle. It is good to beat the brains out of snakes!!

Simpor stems are also useful when you need a rod for your vegetables to climb.  Long beans, and other beans can be trained to climb up the stems. I often find raffia strings very messy and not environmentally friendly for our local gardening.

A simpor tree in your garden can also provide you with many leaves for wrapping, and an occasionally salad of its fine, young leaves.

The flowers can make a very pleasant floral arrangement with other local flowers.

Also, you can always get a few senior citizens together and wrap some tasty snacks together. It is a wonderful method to spread goodwill and good cheer.

Interestingly it is also the national flower of Brunei, our neighbouring state.

If you want to get fresh simpor leaves, you can call me, and make an order. My friend said the two of us can have a micro business in this!!


Anonymous said...

Simpoh has long roots which, I was told is used for well construction.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to locate where a well can be cosntructed.

Ensurai said...

That's really nice to know...simple, indigenous knowledge, yet so profound. thanks.

Ensurai said...


Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

CY, in the busyness and other useless things, I forgot about you. I love reading your blogs because ithey bring me back to when I was young, and you are a great friend.

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