August 9, 2014

Red Skinned Durians - The Tutong Species

It has always been intriguing to try eating something that is extraordinary. This is a red fruit and in the past only known as Wild Durians.

But with more information and better cultural ties between the different races of Sarawak, people are beginning to understand more about local food and local fruits.

The fruits of Durio dulcis are astounding!

this fruit is available in Miri and my friend has a huge tree which is bearing fruit this year. One morning she collected 44 in all.

It was fun picking the fruit in her farm. In future she should turn her farm into a day activity for children and adults.

It actually looks like a giant red rambutan, if you know what a rambutan is.

The aroma of the seeds (the fleshy part is edible, while the seed is fairly big) when the fruit is opened up, is rather pungent. The flesh is yellow and very sticky.

It is called Rian Tutong and is native to Borneo. Hence our West Malaysian friends do not know about it.

According to Wikipedia, "the fruit is so rare and local that even most Borneans doubt its existence! Trees are found mostly growing in primary forests."

It has been rumoured that the seeds when cooked or roasted may be sexually rejuvenating!! So don't waste the seeds. So for that reasons perhaps next year, after readers have read this article, the prices of this durian will go up...Any price can be paid for aphrodisiacs!!

By the way it is difficult to grow outside Borneo so some strange reasons.


Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

don't think I have seen this, the green mountain ones, yes, i prefer the ordinary ones.

sintaicharles said...

I saw them before but have not tasted them.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know where to get 'Sarawak for Sarawakians and qWe support referendum for Sarawak Independce' sticker???

Ensurai said...

These are only available in Northern Sarawak ...

Ensurai said...

If you have a chance to try, you should try but it is not like the normal ones...If you like the Musang king only, you won't like this one.

Ensurai said...

Hope some one can help you...Most probably in Kuching.

Small Kucing said...

Durian? Looks like pulasan. I love durian. Hope able to try out one of these days

Ensurai said...

This is really durian of another colour, and the thorns are really sharp. It is indeed a special red colour.