October 29, 2014

Family Lunch at Five Foot Way

It is only in a small place where you find a very unexpected gesture which touches the heart.
Old fashion ways are remarkably and lovingly fossilized in this place in Marudi...and old friendly ways make visitors so happy and feel welcome. My friend Ribuh Aran is right...why should he move away from Marudi?

I was walking down the older part of Marudi, a small town along the BAram, once called Claude Town by the Brooke Government,when I caught a whiff of steamed Chinese cabbage. And sure enough at the corner shop, a family was gathering for their lunch on the five foot way.

My friend Lucy was so thrilled by the spread on the table...We were given a cabbage roll each to taste. Wonderful Old Chinese Recipe.
The enterprising lADY owner of the shop was getting lunch ready for her family on the five foot way. And she had time to invite us immediately to her table for lunch. Delicious cabbage rolls.

This kind of warm gesture is a long forgotten Chinese pioneer behaviour. She reminds me of my grandmother Lien Tie who would never allow a "pass through" Foochow go without a meal. Our kuali was always heated and there would be some food for a total stranger!!

She really has a good heart and we are going back to see her again on our next trip to Marudi.

What an amazing way of using spatial space ...and what a nice lunch on a makeshift table. She can do business and look after her family at the same time. Great idea!!


Anonymous said...

In today's world, being kind hearted can be inviting thieves. Of course not a group ppl like you all. Sure this lady owner also can see by her eyes!

Ensurai said...

Thanks for your comments. Yes, she was discerning but we were also surprised. The small town innocence was very refreshing. I agree with you...she can see by her eyes...God bless.

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