October 16, 2014

Sibu's Favourite Food Book

Click on the link below and you will take a culinary journey in Sibu. Each page would show you  a wonderful dish, a photo or a description of the food.


This new book, sponsored by the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia, was launched on 15th Sept. And being free, it is very very popular.


Paul Yii of the District Office Sibu has kindly made an electronic version of the book. And this has helped many from overseas to read it on line. How amazing!!

I hope you will love the e- book as much as we have writing it for you dear readers in mind.

The three writers are Philip Hii, Arthur Wee and I. the writing project was initiated in Sept 2013 and the proposed date of publication was March 2014. However we were very happy that a final date was set to launch the book in conjuction with the International Base Jumping in Sibu.

Enjoy!! And if you have plans to visit Malaysia, put Sibu in your plans!!


sintaicharles said...

Madam Chang Yi, I want to buy the book. How do I get it from you?

Ensurai said...

This book is only available in Sibu, free of charge. I am sorry I do not have any left myself as I was given only 10 . May be you will have to just enjoy the e version unless a friend can help you get one in Sibu, from the Resident's office. God bless.

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

Congrats, read the electronic one.

Liofoce Aricson said...

Hi! I really love your blog because I seldom see blog that talks about the life of people in Sarawak, or Sibu to be specific. It is really nice and very informative.

About the e-book above, I could not download it. So I wish to know how I can get a copy? Thanks in advance!

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