February 13, 2015

Nang Chong Tales : Soy Sauce Pork

The slaughtering of a pig was a village event during my childhood when there was no refrigeration.

Neighbours would quickly come and buy up the meat, without my uncle doing any promotion. Every one in those days would look forward to home slaughtering of pigs.

My two aunts would be only too happy to be able to slaughter their home raised pigs and sell pork, by turn. The two had pigs throughout the year and had them slaughtered at different times.

My third uncle would always keep some meet for the family. Belly pork, one pork leg, the heart, the liver and the stomach. That would mean a lot to my grandmother who was supported by him.

Thus selling pork was an extra income for my aunts. And the family got to eat some choice pork for a week. Grandma would salt the belly pork in a jar with lots of coarse salt, which would be taken out for meals from time to time.

But the best dish was still the soy sauce pork. The sauce would last for as long as week, as the enamel pot would always be left heated in the big kuali. That would be good condiment for a week, if we ate sparingly. We were trained not to eat too much. And we were trained always to leave some for others who were late for dinner in the evening.

And then if someone went to Sibu, grandma would asked him or her to buy some Gong Bian. She would heat up the meat sauce and we would dip the gong bian in the sauce. Another wonderful breakfast.

"Sang Pui" Eat sparingly.

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