February 16, 2015

Sibu tales : Du Eng or Belly Bands

Before my birth, my maternal grandmother came with a basket of old baby clothes collected from aunts and other relatives to give to my mum.

This is a normal Foochow frugal practice. New babies did not have to have new clothes. Old clothes were more comfortable to wear and then, babies quickly outgrow their clothings.

Ngie Mah was very frugal and nothing was ever wasted by her. According to my mother, she brought two patchwork blankets, a few belly bands from my aunts who just had babies too, a few goon yang (or Chinese red nappies), and lots of baby pajamas.

Grandma said something very important for everyone to learn. " Torn cloth to wrap a real pearl". I always feel good thinking of that.

My mother said she made just a few pajamas and long pants for me. She also sewed a lot of square pieces to act as my nappies.

Love of a mother for her daughter.

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