February 10, 2015

Sibu Tales : Green Peas

The Kim Guan Siang Cold Storage was one of the oldest in Sibu town.

It served the expatriate community well while missionaries and British Officers frequented the nice little supermarket, Chinese business men and housewives also made some purchases.

The British products which were very welcome to the frugal Chinese housewifes were frozen beef (topside),tinned Dundee Cake, corned beef, jams and butter Of course the cordials were very popular. Besides Kim Guan Siang also operated a bakery and their butter cakes were always displayed in their special glass cabinets.

However one of our favourite items from Kim Guan Siang, apart from the above, were green peas and ham. These were purchases once in a while especially when my father like to have his green peas with ham, and potatoes with his Hainanese chicken chop. My father also liked his pork chop.

Peas and luncheon meat stir fried together continue to be on our family's menu from time to time.

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