March 28, 2015

Sibu Tales : Coffee Shop Moment

A town life is usually busier than life elsewhere.

Mothers can be very rushed off their feet easily during the first half of the day if they have no help at home.

As I took this photo I keep remember those days when , as a young mother, I would try my best to save time.

Dropping my kids off at a friendly coffee shop and asking them to have a meal, which I rushed off to buy some vegetables for the evening meal.

30 years down the road, it might not really be a safe act. But then, if you have a good friend in the person of the coffee shop owner who can keep an eye on your child, you would feel so much better.

This cofee shop in Miri is only 3 minutes from the vegetable market.

And it is next to a space where old men and women sit the whole day meeting up with friends and spending their happy hours.

It is good to know your child is safe and happy.

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