March 13, 2015

Sibu Tales : Soft Eggs fro Breakfast

I wonder how many of us remember that our grandparents and parents from the Foochow Community actually did not "boil" their eggs for breakfast?

The way we Foochows prepare our breakfast eggs is interesting. Get eggs of room temperature ready for the family, usually two each. Get a mug or pot big enough for the eggs. Boil a kettle of water. When family members are ready for breakfast and are almost sitted, the newly boiled water would be poured into the pot to cover the eggs.

The timing is very important because 6 minutes of allowing the eggs to rest in the newly boiled hot water would give us soft or runny egg whites and not so hard egg yolks.

This is called "tok" or scalding of eggs in Foochow. We do not usually prepare soft boiled eggs over the fire. Many elders consider this a good and healthy way of preparing eggs for the seniors.

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