June 1, 2015

China Series: Fried Baos

Baos or baozi were originally invented by Zhuge Liang, a scholar and military strategist of 3rd Century AD.

A new  and exciting Jian Baos are coming back as a fashionable street and restaurant food.

History of fried baos
The delightfully fried base of the baos is what most people lie. Its stuffing is usually meat braised with soy sauce, with taste of chopped onions and sesame seeds.. It can be sweet with red beans etc.

From Wikipedia :
It is not difficult to make. Use semi-fermented flour to coat fresh meat and pig skin jelly. And then fry the stuffed buns in a pan. The pig skin jelly coated in the flour will turn into a mixture of pig skin and juice, when exposed to heat During the frying process, sprinkle some water on the buns for several times. When they are fully cooked, finish the cooking by sprinkling some chopped onions and sesame seeds on them, and then take the freshly cooked delicious pork pan fried buns out of the pan and you can just begin your enjoyment. Please note that you’d better eat them when they are hot, for the taste will not be so good when the buns turn cold. And you also must be careful of the hot juice contained in the buns, which may scald your tongue or dirty your clothes if you are too much hurried in tasting it. Usually, the Chinese take it as a delicacy for the breakfast. It can somewhat be treated as fast food. In most of pork pan fried bun shops in Shanghai, you can choose either to enjoy your buns in the shop or just take them away in bags. If you are not in haste for work, you may take a seat and eat your buns together with beef and silk noodles soup. The two make the perfect match.

(P/s...one day I will get you a simpler recipe)

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