July 2, 2015

Sibu Tales : Smelly Root Soup

Actually the older Foochows who were China born loved Chow Yi Char and they believed that the soup could really replenish their energy.

The roots were not to give good health but to "expel" the tiredness and exhaustion from the body. My grandfather, Tiong Kung Ping, worked very hard at clearing land and building houses. He was also very good with machinery. Hence he did have pleasure in drinking this soup. Becuase his father, my great grandfather, Tiong King Kee was knowledgeable in the finding of herbs and health roots in the high mountains of Wun Chieh, the family became very familiar with all the local herbs and medicinal roots.

My grandfather would always remind my father and mother to boil the soup from time to time.

I also remember that when Foochows get together they would comment on how nice the root soup tasted in China, and how they looked forward to new shipment in the shops like Nguong Choon especially.

I did not like the taste of the soup until I was an adult and appreciated the significance of the soup. This soup also helps many exhausted mothers to sleep better at night.

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