September 12, 2015

China Series : Qingming Cake

Photo from Google.

The Foochows of Sibu, Sarawak do not make Qinming kuih since most of them are descendants of  Methodists and do not practise serving of food to the spirits.

This green Qinming kuih is either made from Ngia (mugwort)or wormwood leaves.

Making of green cold kuih is still popular in rural areas of Fujian during Qingming which usually falls on 5th day of 4th month of lunar calendar. When families spend whole day in the graveyards cleaning etc, they bring along the green cakes and eat them on their return journy. Cold food is uaually eaten on that day.

However in Sibu, Sungei Merah would have a bustling business and even small feasts are ordered from the several restaurants.Most of theChinese in Sarawak do not practise Cold Food Day.

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