September 14, 2015

Naming of a Dish(松鼠鳜鱼 - sōng shǔ guì yú)

Many Chinese dishes have splendid names, even those in Malaysia.

For example a simple Kangkong or water spinach cooked with belacan is given a name like Malaysian Splendour.

There is a special dish called Squirrel Mandarin Fish. It is a very elaborate dish and a good chef takes time to prepare it.

According to a legend," Emperor Qianlong was in a restaurant when he saw a tasty looking fish on an altar. He ordered it be cooked for him at once, but as the fish was meant for a sacrifice to the Gods and ancestors, the restaurant owner was unsure of what to do. He decided to cook the fish in the shape of a squirrel instead, so he could feed the hungry Emperor and not upset the Gods. This dish has been popular ever since, and can be found all over China."

This dish has been around for 200 years.

Recently I visited my great grandfather's village and was delighted to meet a church sister who cooks very well. She served us this dish and I was really impressed by her skills.

She said, " This is normal way of doing a nice fish for a queen..."

I felt like a queen indeed.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sarawakiana,
Do u remeber this song?

Anonymous said...

haha.. teacher, at least you are a QUeen now going here and there... share your glory

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