February 29, 2016

Sibu Tales : Cuirry Puffs

Photo by CT Hanoom Zainal

I have several Sibu stories about curry puffs.

First I thank Miss Ida Mamora for teaching us Domestic Science, I subject I dearly love..and I still have the Form One book in my cupboard. She taught us 2 recipes, the bake ones and the deep fried ones. She was careful in telling us that many people would not have ovens at home in those days...and we should also make curry puffs by deep frying them. We were happy to learn all that she could teach.

When I was a teacher in the Methodist School in Sibu, I had a NZ (New Zealand) exchange student called Daniel in Lower Sixth. He loved curry puffs so much that he could eat many in one day. I think he even got a friend to sell him his mother's home made curry puffs. I am sure he still holds the Sibu record of a student eating the most curry puffs in ONE single year! He was a model student. Very bright and very polite. I hope one day he will get to read this posting.

A very creative neigbhour made a special filling for her curry puffs - she used mashed pumpkin,onions and chick peas with some curry powder. I thought her curry puffs are rather awesome.For those who love potatoes, some chicken and potato curry puffs would be the best. As beef is too expensive now, I have not seen beef curry puffs for a long time.

There are many different kinds of recipes for making curry puffs. Some are better than others. Some curry puffs are entirely hand made, Other pastries are made by machines. Today there are even plastic moulds to help make the perfect shapes.

What is your favourite recipe for curry puffs? And what are your stories?

And now for my favourite question...Who invented the Curry Puff?


Anonymous said...

How about steam curry puff? Can that be done?

Ensurai said...

It would be entirely a different kind of food then. Steamed puffs would become Jiao, or dumplings.

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