May 16, 2016

Miri Tales : Death of a Casuarina Tree

God’s Timing
For months we were troubled by this dying casuarina tree on our neighbour's land. Because it was beside our access road we were worried that it might just snap in a wind storm and fall right across our road making accessibility impossible because it was no small tree. The tree had been killed by an "unknown". Some one had trimmed off its bark at the base.

The tree had slowly died right in front of our eyes over the months and our absentee neighbour never appeared to consider the fate of this tree.
We had also tried to get a tree trimmer to cut down the tree but no one had been interested during the busy days before the election. They replied us by saying, "Wait till the tree falls."
And a of course a City Council, FREE service tree trimmer would not come because our road is still NOT gazetted
One day God answered our prayers and sent some of our former students who needed the firewood for their church fund raising charity BBQ. Three hours later, with three chain saws and our two former students harvested a whole truck load of fire wood!!

Photo shows : How a  tree became a whole truck of fire wood.

God has the right timing even for this poor casuarina tree.
 And it was also a very special blessing because our former students had actually come on Teachers’ Day to cut down the tree. What a wonderful Teachers’ Day Present  to us.too.
My cup runneth over. Thank you Lord.


Anonymous said...

God is all merciful. He will bless you in more ways than one!

Ensurai said...

Thank you for blessing me and may God bless you too.

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